Tuesday, March 14, 2006

celebrity complaint

i may have mentioned this before, but here it is anyway:

i've lived in new york city now for 6 months, and i haven't seen a single celebrity. especially no b-list and lower celebs. to tell the truth, i probably wouldn't notice a celeb anyway, unless they happened to be one of the few that i care about. then they would get mobbed. i've been places where celebs were, like this one time (at band camp?) there was a law school party and since i'm an honorary law student (it's great - no class! no law degree either, though) i was there, and apparantly so was the guy from that movie "hellboy," ron perlman. i didn't see him, and i guess i should have because he's a biggun.
then at this other bar, i guess lindsay lohan and some other crap mobile were there the night after we had been. i'm glad i missed them. craig sees people all the time, and he's always like "what's that guy's name? he was in that movie!" and i have no idea who or what he's talking about.
actually, i'm sure i've seen celebs. i just didn't notice because i don't really care. then why am i writing this? who knows. i think what's going to happen is that i'm going to finally see a celeb that i recognize and care about, and i'll go talk to them, and they'll think i'm super cool, and they'll put me in a movie. my natural talent will take over from there, and i'll be a big star too. then one day people will write blogs about how they've never seen me in person. and then i'll discover someone. and the cycle continues. can't wait.

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