Wednesday, March 15, 2006

imette's law

You may have heard about this, as it was big news in NY, and usually what’s big here is big everywhere.
Seems a girl was out at a bar with her friends. Her friends went home, but she decided to stay a bit longer. Next day, her body was discovered off the side of the road, naked, bound, gagged, and with duct tape wrapped completely around her head. She had been raped and strangled. They were able to tie DNA evidence to a bouncer (and ex-con) that worked at the bar she was at. People say “she shouldn’t have been drinking” but I say, maybe the bar shouldn’t hire a sicko. If it hadn’t been her, it would have been some other pretty white girl.
Now they want to pass Imette’s Law, which would require cameras in bars & clubs. I’m for it. Bad things happen to people in bars & clubs all the time. There are cameras in banks, where ANYTHING rarely happens, let alone people being murdered. I guess it never occurred to these people that maybe people’s lives could be saved, or rapes would be prevented, or anything else. But it did occur to them to save the bank money. Good for them.
There was a similar case back in the 40s in L.A. it was called the Black Dahlia Murder. James Ellroy wrote a book about it, and I think they’re making a movie out of that book. There is even a hardcore punk band named after the case. In this, another pretty white girl was found in a field, cut in half and mutilated in other ways. She too had been bar-hopping. That case is still unsolved.

So the point is, they should put cameras in night spots. It probably won’t completely stop random sickos, but it should deter them, especially after the first few get caught right away.

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