Saturday, August 07, 2010

Regarding the boycott of Target:

In case you haven't heard, people are trying to boycott Target because the CEO gave money to a Republican candidate in Minnesota, who is apparently the biggest homophobe / anti-gay man you could find. So people are boycotting the entire chain of stores to show how this displeases them as consumers.

But here are some facts you should know.

- Target sponsors Twin Cities Gay Pride every single year (3rd largest in the country, by the way), and at least the San Francisco and NYC AIDS Walks (I'm sure it sponsors more of them, but those are the ones I've been to and so can vouch for personally).

- According to MN Forward Executive Director Brian McClung, Emmer was chosen by the group because of his position on job growth and the state's economy. It is the same reason that the group has been garnering contributions from corporations like Target and Best Buy. IT IS ABOUT ECONOMICS. The guy's homophobic nature didnt come out until later.

- Target does believe that gays should be able to get married.There is an option on Target's wedding registry for gay couples.

- In the store I work in, I can name 6 LGBT employees right off the bat, just in my circle of friends. I know there are more. They are treated exactly the same as everyone else. They are not denied benefits, or paid less, or anything else that could be considered discriminatory.

-Boycotting a large company hurts nobody but the measley hourly workers like me. They give us hours each week based on our sales. So when you boycott the store, it can't pay the employees, gay or otherwise, that you believe you are protecting.

- Like with anything, READ UP ON THE FACTS. I usually don't comment on crap like this, but I'm tired of people treating me like shit because of their half-informed perceptions of where I work.

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Count Mockula said...

I hope you know that I would never vent my spleen on employees (who I know are innocent in all this mess), and I DO know that Target has a pretty long history of supporting LGBT people and issues. On the other hand, the CEO apologized to employees, not to the public. He didn't say he wouldn't continue to make large donations to influence elections (which sort of gets my goat, too), and he could probably go a long way towards making me feel better if he'd give a wad of cash to the Human Rights Campaign (or an equivalent organization). I may return to shopping at Target, but there are things he could do to nudge me along, knowwhatImean?

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