Saturday, February 06, 2010

cat story

The other night, we heard the cat making some noise in the other room. Just like with a child, suspicious noises are cause for investigation. I went into the kitchen, and Mecrutio was sitting on the rug, all nonchalant-like, so I shrugged it off and went back into the living room.

Later when we were heading to bed, I noticed there was a towel crumpled in the middle of the floor. "What's this doing here?" I asked out loud as I picked it up. It was then that I saw a pile of cat puke (and by this I mean undigested cat food). Apparently the noises we had heard earlier were the cat eating too fast then running around like a monkey, which caused him to throw up, and apparently find means of hiding it from us.

Crafty little bugger, that one.


Anonymous said...

At least Mecru tries to cover it up. Last time Benny barfed in my apartment, he did it in my bed. He also yaks every damn time we get in the car to go to my parents' house. When he's done, he stands at the back of his carrier crying until I stop the car and clean him up. It's worse than travelling with a baby!

super des said...

Mecru always feels bad when he throws up, and SO FAR he hasn't thrown up on me or my bed. There have been some close calls though. :P

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