Saturday, January 30, 2010

snowed in!

I was off work before the "blizzard of '10" struck yesterday, and was off today. However, I was scheduled for my bi-weekly 4am Sunday shift. I called in to work explaining that I wouldn't be in. I feel bad for calling out, but:

1) I can't make it to a major road without great difficulty
2) I don't feel comfortable driving in the snow
3) I already have no faith in the other drivers in this town - I don't need to add snow & ice into the mix.

I will miss the money though, but I might be able to make up the hours. If not, well to be honest I'd rather be short on my bills than add more bills to my repetoir in car repairs or medical needs. (Or shoot, even the inconvenience of having to walk uphill in the snow for some miles, which is a distinct possibility since it happened last time it snowed.)

So anyway, I should be sleeping so I could get up at 3am, but instead I'm going to sleep normal hours and see what the roads are like tomorrow in the daylight. It is supposed to snow more tonight, but then that's it. So we'll see.

Have I mentioned lately that I would prefer to live where it does NOT snow? Or if it has to snow, I want to at least live in a place that is prepared for it.


Super Bren said...

Even in places where we get lots of snow (30-40 inches so far this past 8 weeks) we are never able to really be "prepared". The last storm was ten or twelve days ago and there are still hundreds without power--thank God for generators! I work in healthcare and my sis and mom are postmasters so we fight the weather all the time! Good luck to you, hope it melts soon.

LittlePea said...

OH! Too bad you don't live in FL! Not that I'm rubbing it in, but my part gets just enough winter that you can wear the cute clothes for a few weeks without looking weird. And by the time you're sick of the cold in Feb, Spring is already starting.. I think I was 16 the last time I saw snow here. But like I said, there are no jobs. Well no, there are jobs, just very few that pay well....any news on moving?

Wait!But you spent a winter in Michegan right? It can't be worse where you are, is it?

super des said...

Pea, it's worse here simply because they aren't prepared for it. At least in Michigan they knew snow was coming and what to do when it did. So even though there is less snow here, it sucks more.

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