Thursday, January 07, 2010

new hair!

I love getting my hair done. Have I mentioned that lately? Some people can fall in love with a masseus, or a chef, or a mechanic. I could fall in love with a hairdresser. (Though a chef would be cool too.)So anyway, I have short hair again. It's red & black.

Yeah, the photo is kinda crappy lighting & coloring, but I wanted to show y'all. Thanks to Jay for getting me a gift certificate for a fancy shmancy salon for xmas. I guess I complained a lot about how much I was hating my hair. Whoopsie! But I love my new hair. It feels really good. Sure, no more pigtails, but I've always liked short hair on me better.
Also, I think that I should be a hairstylist. I think it would suit me -I work well with people, I'm creative, and I hate every other job I've had. So, I need to do research into cosmetology school. Does anyone have any insight into this?
(Also, I apologize for not being a good blogger lately.)


Anonymous said...

Love the hair des, looks great!

Cosmetology school rocks, state license tests don't.

I never finished, other job requirements got in the way but I still do very basic cuts for the family and friends.

Choose a school carefully, some are way better than others. ( I bet you knew that)

super des said...

Thanks Arlene!
How do I know if a school is good?

Anonymous said...

ask the best stylists in your area where they went to school.

You can also ask the school for references.

sudiegirl said...

I would suggest calling up the state cosmetology board and see if they have any recommendations for schools. That's just me, though...good luck!

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