Monday, December 28, 2009

small blessing

So you all know that working the holidays in retail is taking it's toll on me. I may have complained here and there. You probably missed it. Anyway, after xmas ended I assumed that people would go back to being semi-rational and much less grumpy.

No surprise that December 26, the store was super crowded with a mix of people making returns / exchanges, spending xmas cash (though we were still out of stock on everything...) and / or bargain hunting for that 50% off stuff on clearance. I counted this as part of the holidays. I mean, I had one person yell at me because a bottle of juice that we carry all year round wasn't included in the xmas sale. It was less than $2 regular price, but she threw a fit that it wasn't one dollar!

So I was ready for things to get back to normal. I've done my Wii Fit maybe 10 times this month, whereas in November I did it nearly every day. I was just so exhausted that I couldn't stand to spend even 30 minutes doing an easy workout. On Saturday (the day after xmas) I was so spent that I was asleep before 9pm that night. Now part of it IS my fault, as I went in on my days off several times to get my hand in some of these amazing profits the store was having. But like I said, I was ready for it to be over.

You can guess my disappointment today when the store was as busy as it had been in recent days. I'm sure that it didn't help that I spent a majority of the day moving heavy things like cat litter... in an area too near the xmas sale for my comfort. When 3pm finally came, I hightailed it out of there. Jay had to be at work, so I stopped to refuel at Taco Bell. I had a five dollar bill, and went to order my reg. With tax I came up 45 cents short, so I told the chick at the counter to take off the cinnamon twists. Instead, she gave me the senior discount, so the total was $4.94. I saw what she did, and I looked her in the eyes and sincerely thanked her and wished her a great day.

So thank you, Taco Bell lady. Your one small kind gesture renewed my faith in humanity, just enough that I could make it home without killing someone. People were stupid jerks to me all day, but you did something nice for a complete stranger. You received no benefit from it, and it wouldn't have been the end of the world if you didn't do it (in fact I wouldn't even have noticed it) but you did do it, and it made my day.

(Or maybe I looked as tired as I felt and she felt sorry for me.)


SUEB0B said...

That is so nice. I love little gestures like that and I try to do them whenever I can...the other day a lady at the gym came out of the shower area frantic because she couldn't find her shampoo and conditioner. I gave her mine - a small gesture but I know how it sucks to have your hair all gross all day.

We are just humans here together on this small planet, trying to get by. I wish everyone could remember this all the time.

super des said...

And that, Suebob, is why you're one of those people I like.

mar said...

that was very nice of her; little gestures make you believe there are some good people in the world.
and technically, saturday was a holiday: boxing day/st stephen's day. not that it's celebrated in the usa. ;)

super des said...

Psssht, it doesn't count if nobody celebrates it! :P

Sudiegirl said...

I try to look at little blessings like that makes life easier to live. Now if I could just convince my boyfriend of that concept, life would be even better!

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