Thursday, November 05, 2009

driving miss des

Right now, my friend from work is on vacation. What does this mean for me? Well for one I don't get to hang out with her at work for a while, but the more notable thing is: I have a car to drive! That's right she's letting me borrow her car. She wouldn't accept any money for me to "rent" it, but I will have it filled with gas and washed by the time she gets home. (For the record, I've never gotten as much as a speeding ticket, so it wasn't a risky gamble on her part.)

I'm only driving it to & from work, but boy does it make me miss having a car of my own - especially a little sporty one with a bit of zip to it. (But just about anything is sportier than the Olds.) There's nothing I can do about it just now, but someday I will have another mini cooper (or until then, at least a Chevy Cobalt). But for the next week I'll be zipping around all by myself. :)


LittlePea said...

Oh yay! We're a one car couple but my mom always gives me her car when she goes to the Philipines. She stays for months at a time because she's building a little house there and it's just so dern convenient to have wheels all to yourself isn't it? Enjoy it.

super des said...

I do enjoy not having to plan things around Jay's schedule!

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