Tuesday, November 03, 2009

almost new kitty

Last night we had our weekly date at Wild Wings* and on the way there we saw a tiny black kitten with white toes. He had run off the sidewalk because some people going the other direction from us were being loud and bitchy, so who can blame him. When we passed where he was, we called to him a little bit. He looked like he wanted to come to us, but yet he didn't. And it seems he had a little friend still hiding in the bushes, shaking the leaves and trying to make us think he was a bush monster and not a kitten. We never actually saw the friend.
On the way back, we looked for him but he was long gone. Shame, that, because we would have brought home a cute little friend (or friends) for Mecrutio. But we'll keep our eyes open for him.

(And don't worry - we wouldn't have been stealing someone's kitty. It was a non-residental area, so he was most likely a stray.)

*Mondays it's buy 8 get 8, so Jay gets 16 hot wings. My boneless ones do not count towards free ones, sadly. But it's the price I pay for being super picky about the meat I eat.


Average Jane said...

I always figure that the only logical exception to my "we have enough cats" stance would be if we happened to find a kitten. :D

LittlePea said...

So the kitty would have been for you or for Mecrutio? I've been wanting to get a friend for Peanut for years....You know you really really love your pet when you want to get them a,er, pet.

super des said...

Well, the new kitty would be for both of us. :)

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