Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

A quick note to all you crazies that camp out in front of stores to be first inside at 5am:

Stop it.

The more people that do that, the more stores think it's a good idea to have all their employees have to work the day after Thanksgiving. As one of those employees, I hate you. Just because you don't have to work doesn't mean that nobody does.


Why does this have to be the biggest shopping day of the year? Why can't some of us rest, and the rest of us do our jobs like normal? Why do people that are normally sane, intelligent, polite, and logical suddenly freak out on this one day?

Like if you saw a very full cart stacked with unboxed DVDs, and an employee said "don't touch that - I'll get it," would you proceed to try and move it out of your way anyway, thereby succeeding in knocking hundreds of DVDs onto the floor?
Because someone did that to me today. And conveniently enough, she "had a bad back" so couldn't help me pick them up. I didn't want her help anyway. I wanted her not to touch the cart.

Or if someone asks for a partcular DVD, and the employee replies that the store sold out of that movie by 6am today, would you stand there watching her while she continued (trying) to put out the rest of the stack she had in her hand? Then have this conversation:
-Is there something else that I can help you with?
-I'm just waiting for you to put out one of those Tinkerbell movies.
-We're still sold out. There are zero in the store.
-Oh, I know you'll find one in that stack, and when you put it on the shelf, I'll be here.
-Seriously, there are ZERO in the store. We sold out by 6am. There are none in my hand. There are none on my cart. You should have gotten here earlier if you wanted it so badly.

And while normally I don't speak to customers that way, I did today. If they're crazy enough to camp out overnight for a stupid sale, then they can handle a bit of logic. Or sass. Whatever.

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Average Jane said...

As someone who wouldn't be caught dead in a retail establishment the day after Thanksgiving, I feel your pain.

One of our Thanksgiving dinner guests this year is the manager of a video game store and he couldn't travel to see his family over the holiday because he had to be at work at 4 a.m. on Friday. Plus he said they didn't really even have any particularly good deals to offer.

It's all just ridiculous.

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