Sunday, July 12, 2009

life in Asheville

So far life in Asheville has been pretty good. They still chase each other, but we've caught Mecrutio & Femi hanging out a few times. So far, I have no picture proof, but I'm working on that.

I do have lots of picture proof of other stuff.

Like fireflies. I really love this 1st picture (click to make larger):

And, just to prove that it's not a broken pixel on my camera, please observe the next two:

There's lots of other wildlife here too. I haven't gotten any pictures of bats yet either, but they're around. And bunnies!

This bunny is so far away because when I went out to take pictures, of course Lily came with. For some reason, bunnies don't like sausage dogs charging after them.

And of course, the wildest wildlife of all (Jay and Lily):

The other night we went to The Orange Peel, which is a pretty famous loval venue. We saw Woody Wood and Hollywood Red, and that was awesome.

I decided that I would love to work at the Peel. I've already applied to a few places online, but that will be one of the places that I stop by in person.

So that's it so far. I still really like it here (but I'll like it even more when I have a job).


Angel said...

I'm glad you guys are loving your new town.

I'm so sorry about Midnight BTW. Catching up broke my heart for you guys. Windows still won't let me open your blog but I'll just use Mox from now on.

super des said...

Not sure why it is just leaving YOU out of the loop. :/

# #