Friday, July 10, 2009

dogs and cat

The cat is still adapting to his new home. We started him out in our bedroom, and he got used to that pretty quick. Then we started letting him roam the rest of the house, but only when the dogs were outside. When Midnight was around, he could be in the house because Mecrutio already knew him and knew he wasn't a threat. But Femi and Lily are different. (Femi is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Lily is some sort of beagle / pointer / sausage mix. Both are bigger than the cat, but Lily isn't much bigger.)

Lily acts like she doesn't care at all. Femi is interested in Mecrutio, but doesn't do anything. If the cat looks at Femi, she runs away. When the cat is not looking at her however, Femi is following her all the way, ears up. Because of this, Mecrutio has gotten confident enough to wander freely about the house, and even go outside on the deck (which we would like to discourage).

This morning, however, the dogs were together when the cat (and Jay and I) emerged for the morning. The dogs were both watching Mecru, but I thought nothing of it since they had never done anything. Apparently Mecu didn't think anything of it either. I took my eyes of them, and heard a giant scramble. I turned back around and stopped both dogs in their tracks, but they had already chased the cat into the bathroom. I guess they had a silent dog conference that went something like "Dude, if you chase him, I'll chase him too!" and poor Mecrutio was now hiding in the bathroom with a poofy tail.

All is sorted out, and we'll be in our own place in a few weeks so it doesn't matter anyway. But I do feel a little sorry for the cat.

Here are some pictures:


Lily (full name - Miss Lily Taylor):

And you've all seen Mecrutio before.

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