Friday, May 15, 2009

shirt full of lies

The other day I bought this shirt at a thrift store:

It's very soft and comfy, I can totally rock that blue, and it cost $3, so it is a very good shirt. I'm strangely fascinated by it though. First of all, my boyfriend does not drive a Chevy. I don't know if he ever has. Neither did my xbf. So this shirt is a complete and total liar about that.

Secondly, why does it have to be my boyfriend that drives the Chevy? This isn't 1955, where he drives a hot rod with his name stenciled on the driver's door and my name is on the passenger's door (though I have been trying to get Jay to do that with the Olds....).

If I can't get another mini when I finally get a decent paying job and whatever, I may settle for a Chevy Cobalt. But then my shirt would be even more lying. I would be the one driving the Chevy, not my boyfriend.

Also: What if I didn't have a boyfriend? Would this shirt make me feel bad? Is that why it was in the thrift store in the first place? Where did this shirt start its life? I highly doubt it came from a Chevy dealership with the purchase of a new car (or truck). That means someone saw this shirt, apparently thought it applied to them, and bought it. Then got rid of it.

Or maybe they just wanted to be like me and wear a shirt full of lies. Hopefully random strangers do not stop me to talk about my boyfriend's Chevy. I may have to punch them in the face. Or have my boyfriend run them over with his nonexistant Chevy.


LittlePea said...

oH man. I feel like drinking a case of beer now. And I hate beer.

Cute shirt.

super des said...

Classy or trashy, that's how I roll. :D

Jbeeky said...

Time for a sharpie attack!

super des said...

Hmmm.... I do have sharpees....

# #