Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sometimes people are so stupid that I wish that stupidy was painful for them. 

Example: Today I got a phone call at work. The guy wants to know if he can take out another loan from us before he pays the first one back. The answer to that is no. No you can't. You haven't proven that you'll pay back the other one, so what possible logic could there be for me to give you another loan? If you're already needing payday advances, you've shown me that you can't manage living paycheck to paycheck, so how would owing me more money help your cause? Not to mention that the loans are determined by your weekly income, and most people take the most they can get. So you already owe me a week's pay. I know you can't afford to pay me back 2 weeks' pay.

I told him this and he wass sad and hung up.

Not 5 minutes later (I know this because I still hadn't finished eating my yogurt from the first time I was interrupted) he calls back. I have caller ID, I know these things. But this time it's his wife on the phone, asking the exact same question in a slighty different way. Obviously I just had a grudge - possibly sexist - against that guy, so if someone else asks they'll get a yes. But I give her the same answer. She repeats the question in a slightly different way again. Still no. She is more persistant than her husband, which leads me to believe that she is the more dim-witted of the two since she clearly is not getting it. I finally got her to hang up, but I won't be surprised if they call again and / or come into the store.

Now I admit I don't have a lot of things to do at work, but I would rather screw around doing what I want  to do rather than waste my time repeating myself 80 billion times to a question that shouldn't have been asked in the first place.


LittlePea said...

They must really need money bad. That or they're addicted to crack.

I'm dying to see the Star Trek movie...maybe tomorow.

super des said...

maybe both :)

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