Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's play a game

A des-centric game, but a game nonetheless. Play if you want, leave your answers in the comments.
I'll reveal the answers in a coupla days. :)

1) Easy one: What's my boyfriend's name?

a) John

b) Jason 

c) Chris

d) Craig

e) Alan


2) How many siblings do I have?

a) 1 sister

b) zero

c) 1 sister / 1 brother 

d) 3 sisters

e) 2 sisters / 2 brothers


3) How many tattoos do I have?

a) Zero, I would never get a tattoo

b) one

c) 8

d) 6 

e) 4


4) What's my original home town?

a) Eureka, CA 

b) Fresno, CA

c) Davis, CA

d) Brooklyn, NY

e) Clinton Township, MI


5) Where did I go to college?

a) Fresno State

b) UC Davis 

c) UC Berkeley

d) Columbia

e) NYU


6) What's my favorite ice cream flavor?

a) rocky road

b) vanilla

c) mint chip

d) I don't like any ice cream

e) strawberry 


7) Who is my LEAST favorite author?

a) Isaac Asimov

b) Lewis Carroll

c) Mark Twain

d) Jane Austen 

e) Stephen King


8) What's my natural hair color?

a) blonde 

b) red

c) brown

d) black

e) pink


9) Where did I study in college?

a) Spain

b) Puerto Rico

c) Argentina 

d) Brazil

e) Mexico


10) What's my favorite car?

a) VW bug

b) Ford Mustang

c) Chevy Cobalt

d) Nissan Z

e) mini cooper 


11) Who's my favorite director?

a) Oliver Stone

b) Tim Burton 

c) Woody Allen

d) Frank Capra

e) David Lean


12) When is my birthday?

a) January 14

b) March 13

c) May 13

d) June 14 

e) December 25


13) What was my major in college?

a) English

b) Literature 

c) Spanish

d) Geology

e) Pre-Med


14) How many pets do I have right now?

a) zero

b) 1

c) 2 

d) 3

e) 4


15) Where am I moving to next month?

a) California

b) North Carolina 

c) North Dakota

d) South Carolina

e) South Dakota


16) What are my feelings on karaoke?

a) I won't even go into the bar.

b) I'll sit & watch while my friends sing.

c) I'll sing, but only in a big group.

d) I might sing after I've had some drinks.

e) I'll sing my little heart out to every song. 


17) What do I do in my spare time?

a) draw

b) paint

c) sculpt

d) bead 

e) knit


18) Bonus question: Did you like this quiz?

a) No, it was stupid and boring.

b) It was ok.

c) Yes, it was super happy fun time! 

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LittlePea said...

Ok some of them I guessed:b,a,e,b,b,c,d,a,c,e,b,a,e,c,b,e,d,c-of course!

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