Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Things have finalized enough with my upcoming move that I gave my notice at work today. Sure, it's like a month away, but it's notice nonetheless. 

(the boss is running out the door, after being there for less than 3 minutes)
me: Wait a sec!
boss: What's up?
me: So at the end of June, there is a very strong chance that I am moving to North Carolina.
boss: How strong of a chance?
me: It's almost definite. Something really outstanding would have to happen for me to stay.
boss: Ok. Thanks for the heads up. I'll tell Other Boss.
Wait, the end of June or the end of July?
me: June. I have to be out of my apartment June 30.
boss: ok. (finishes running out the door.)

I don't know what I was expecting (fireworks, maybe?) but definitely more of a reaction than that.

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