Sunday, February 22, 2009

movie time

The other day I was eating some apples and peanut butter while Jay was cleaning up in the other room. A commercial came on that said "this weekend is your last chance to see Coraline in 3-d." Even though he was in another room and my mouth was full, he knew that I shot him a panicked look. "Don't worry, we'll go see it." he shouted. So today we did.

See? 3-D glasses.

That's the snow from outside reflecting in mine.

The movie was good. (For the record, everything is better in 3-d. It was like looking through those old skool viewmasters.) I read the book and really had to try not to freak out with things were different. Like when they invented a supporting character! Or that the family was now from Michigan instead of England. But the handmade animation was cool. It was a nice mix between the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Others, and Beetlejuice. It was creepy enough to be entertaining, but a kid could still watch it. I recommend it.

So now, I've seen 2 movies in Michigan. Both of them were in 3-d. This is a good trend. However, last time I must not have gone into the bathroom. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered this:

There's a giant curved red bench that you can see in the corner there. But I really like that whole "infinity" effect what with the lights and mirrors and space and whatnot.

(As always, click on the photos to enlarge.)


LittlePea said...

I've never seen a movie in 3d. I've been in theme park 3d theatres but it's not the same. I'm lame aren't I?

super des said...

The 1st one I ever saw was Journey to the Center of the Earth, a few months ago. :)

Lucé said...

Coraline is my absolute favorite thing ever ever ever. I had a post about it too...speaking of which... Thanks for the comment, I'm pleased as punch to have been found by you! Mostly just my friends read my blog and it loves new followers. Please pass onto to anyone! ;) Also, perhaps we're similar b/c of our midwest ties? I grew up in Cleveland and lived in Ann Arbor for a bit...connections!

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