Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mecru's Olympic Challenge

Apparently my cat is training for some sort of cat-lympics, the object of which is to jump in front of me as close as possible while still making it onto his tower.

Let me explain:
I walk down the hall towards the bedroom. Mecrutio hides in the bathroom; when he sees me coming, he runs out in front of me (often between my feet) and races to his tower. Instead of jumping behind the passing des to his tower, he jumps in front of me. Therein lies the danger. You see, Mecru is not very good at his new hobby, so he often ends up hitting me as he makes his 6 foot leap. This gives me a little pain wherever the momentum-filled cat skull happens to make contact with my body.

I've been trying to convince Jay of this for a few days, and while he doesn't not believe me, he's never actually seen it. And for some reason Jay is not part of the training regimen. Yesterday though, he saw evidence of it when Mecru decided to do a test run while I was carrying his (newly filled) water bowl. This resulted in a wet carpet, a wet des, and a wet cat (who went into hiding for a bit after that).

But last night, coming into bed for the night, Jay got an eyeful. The cat deliberately waited in the hallway, and sprung as he always does. He still hit me, but not enough to stop him from making it to the top of the tower. I guess his training his paying off.

Just as a bit of illustration, here is Mecru trying to attack my head, after he's already on top of the tower.

I'll let you know if he brings home any medals.


mar said...


arlenestarr said...

Gotta love cats!

SUEB0B said...

Aw. kitty wants to PLAY!

Working Girl said...

ah...the cat-lympics...I've helped many a cat train!

rumah lina said...

cute cat :) play much

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