Monday, January 12, 2009

You musn't kill time, son

What would you do with a 3rd hand?
Obvious answer: juggle. Regular answer: just let it help me like the other 2 hands currently do. I guess it would be useful for beading and such, but I've gotten pretty good at being 2 handed. (Even 1-handed, at times.)

If you could have one type of candy every time you snapped your fingers, what candy would it be?
Chocolate's a good answer, because everybody most people like chocolate. Then again, skittles are tasty and good for throwing. I want both. But not chocolate covered skittles, because even though I'm sure they exist, I want no part of that.

If you could choose a super power, what one would you choose?
Is magic a superpower? I want magic. Or at least to make things appear and disappear. So I guess that's some form of teleportation.

If every time you sneezed, lightning struck your ex, would you try not to sneeze or just let it happen?
Well it could only happen so many times, right? But no, I would try to stop sneezing. (Those of you that still talk to him, make sure he knows that, so if he gets struck by lightning, it wasn't me.)

If you had a monkey's tail, would you be more likely to hang from trees with it or use it to reach the remote control?
I would use it to hang from trees while my 3rd hand held the remote control.

If you could speak to animals, which animal would you speak to first?
Who's to say that I can't and that I don't? Because if you ask Midnight and Mecru, I carry on quite the conversation. But I guess my cat - he's very confusing at times. Also I would tell Stubby the Squirrel to stop climbing my screen door. Then I would ask him to bring Griswold back, because I liked her more.

Would you love having the ability to read minds or would you curse having the ability?
I can already kinda do that, so I would love it. It is nice to be able to anticipate how to talk to someone.

If you could breathe fire every time you got upset, would your house still be standing?
How upset? Like yelling and screaming? Then probably still no. But if I KNEW I had that ability, I would probably control myself better. (It only takes once.)

If you had the ability to magically poof into any room, would you bother walking through doors anymore?
Nah, I'm already pretty lazy. But old habits are hard to break.

If you could create a delicious feast by clapping your hands, would you solve world hunger, or would you just keep the ability secret and make food only for your family?
I would definitely feed those around me. I might keep it a secret from the guv'ment so they didn't abuse me or it.

Would you rather have rockets for legs, or wish-granting toilet plungers for arms?
Plunger arms, because then I could wish for them to be normal arms. Damn me and my logic.

If you could speak to any household object what would it be?
Again, who's to say I don't? I dunno, the toaster? How does one even choose?

If a traveling salesman gave you a hat that would make your dreams come true, would you wear the hat, if you knew that your life would go back to normal if you ever took the hat off?
Yes I would wear the hat. And I would dream that my life WOULDN'T change back. (I don't think I'm giving the answers that the almighty survey god is looking for.)

If a wizard offered you the ability to make anyone attracted to you by winking at them, would you keep the ability if you developed a nervous twitch that made you wink randomly?
No, because I have enough things going for me with the whole attraction thing. Right? ;) (see)

Would you rather have permanent electrified handshakes or permanent horrible-itch creating hugs?
I also already have the electrified handshakes, as anyone who's touched me can attest to. If I can switch, I'll go for the hugs.

Would you rather have the ability to run to the bathroom at the speed of light or the ability to do back flips all the way to the refrigerator?
I guess running. That would be very useful in movie theaters and the like. And if I really wanted to, I could prob learn to do backflips.

Would you want the ability to make everything you touch smell like lilacs?
Only if I could switch it on and off. The smell of lilacs would get old if I had to have it on 24/7.

If you had the ability to fill the mouths of all annoying people with jelly, would you use it once, or every time they spoke?
Oh every time! If they didn't learn, then they would drown in jelly and I'd still be ok with it.

If every time you sang, everyone around you broke into song and dance, would you sing anymore?
Of course! What kind of fun-hating girl do you think I am?

Would you want amazing speed, if it meant your feet had to be constantly engulfed in painless fire?
Does this go with me the bathroom-running from before? It would be cool to have fire feet, as long as by painless you mean they don't burn anything else either.

If every time you yawned, flip flops rained from the sky, would you try to yawn as much as possible?
Probably, because that would be really funny.

Would you want a butt that could cure disease every time you mooned someone?
Of course! Have we met? I will show my butt to cure diseases.

If you could mesmerize the opposite sex, by playing hopscotch and patty-cake, would you?
I've already mastered this skill. How do you think I won over Jay?

If you woke up to realize that all of the dreams/nightmares you had while sleeping, had come true...would you be afraid to go to sleep after that?
No, my dreams are incredibly interesting and wild. I would like to see them materialize.

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
More wishes, duh. And I've always wanted a magic cupboard that replicates / doubles whatever you put inside. And... a donkey.

If you could do any daily activity in your sleep, what would it be?
I think I could do my job in my sleep, does that count? Otherwise, maybe exercise, so that way it would get done.

If you found a car that ran on ice cream, would you buy it?
I do love ice cream. That could be a problem in the summer though. I would have to compare facts & figures.

Would you want a revolving closet, infinite in size, so your clothes would never be out of place?
This is assuming I put my clothes back in their place. Which I don't. So no need for this.

Would you want the ability to smell things that are miles away?
Again, I already have this power. Super Smell Power. It's pretty cool. I get to play detective sometimes.

If someone told you that, "if you walk on your hands you will live years longer," would you do it?
Who is telling me? Some random crazy from the street? Eh who am I kidding. I would still do it.

Would you rather look like you were 19 until you were 45, then suddenly look 60, or look as old as you are throughout your life?
Look as old as I am now. It would be a pain in the butt to get carded for EVERYTHING forever.

Would you rather have a car that could speak to you, or a car that could drive 150mph and only use a drop of gas?
Speaking. I will never drive 150mph. PS - can we fight crime like we're Knight Rider?

If you could fly only when you're wearing nothing but your underwear, would you fly anytime you wanted or just at night?
Anytime I damn well needed to go somewhere. Hopefully I wouldn't get cold.

If you knew the world would be in peace as long as you kept dancing wildly in the streets, would you?
Of course. I like dancing. I like peace. It's win-win.

Would you rather have earth shaking laughter or explosive tears?
Do my tears explode while they're on my face, because that seems painful. Gonna go with the laughter. Most of the world is earthquake proof, right?

Would you rather be very strong or have a rubber-like flexibility?
Flexibility. What do I need to be strong for?

If you could make something appear magically right now, what would it be?
A valid check made out to me for 10 million dollars.

If trees could talk, what do you think they would say?
They would gossip. Trees are bitches. And what do trees have to talk about anyway?

If you could get the excitement of a roller coaster in everyday activities, would you?
No. Like the lilac thing, it would get old. I do loves me some roller coasters though.


LittlePea said...

But then again I imagine some of those talking trees would also be saying,"Stop cutting all my friends down man!"

super des said...

That's true. They could get angry like the Ents.

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