Thursday, January 08, 2009

spa day

Back in August, when I had a pretty cool job and didn't think I would get laid off, a traveling salesman walked in selling discount spa days. It was a killer deal and I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, it was right after I got my new bank account so I had no cash. I also had no atm / credit card to pay for the deal. I called wonderful Jay, who took some convincing that it wasn't a scam, then gave me his credit card number because I "deserve to be pampered." :D

Since my sister's wedding was in October, I figured I could use a spa day then. However, that's right when I was laid off. The way the spa deal works is I paid $50 up front and then pay an additional $10 or $17 (depending on the service) for a tip. Since I was now jobless, I had no money for the tip. And the tip was required, so it's not like I could be the world's worst customer and not tip. So, I kinda gave up my dream of having a spa day.

Then I got my new job. And remembered that this spa deal expires at the end of this month. So I made some calls one call and decided that my day off from work would be my spa day. That was today.

So I headed over to Act II Salon and got to it. My facial was first up, and also my first ever. I was instructed to take off my shirt, leave the bra on, and wrap this cool elastic snapping towel thing around my boobies. Then I lay down on this comfy bed and see this green rod which I'm pretty sure is going to shoot lasers at me. Instead, it shot warm mist at my face (not quite hot enough to be steam) and the facialist switched between brushing assorted goos on my face and wrapping me in a hot towel. And it wasn't just my face - it was also my shoulders, chest, and neck. Then she left the room while something or other dried on my face. She was gone for a while - 6 Enya songs at least (yes the Enya music was such a cliche, but I didn't mind) - and I had almost given up when she finally returned to give me my final toweling.

Then across the hall to the massage room. This room, like all the others, was painted a nice purpley-mauvey color. There were candles in here, and the music was some sort of bubbling brook / bird calls / harp music. Very nice atmosphere for what turned out to be a full body massage. Start with the back and shoulders, then move on to the back of each leg, then each foot, (flip,) each arm, and the front of each leg. I like being massaged. And the masseuse liked my tattoos (can you blame him?), and in fact said that my flowers had the nicest use of color that he'd ever seen. Yay!

Fully relaxed, on to my hair. I think the hairstylist was just glad I wasn't an old lady (and I could see why - there were a few very annoying ones in there) so we talked about bars and New Years, and fun young people stuff. I let her know that I was trying to grow out my hair, and I let her pick the color to highlight it. She worked her magic and proved to me that I need to buy a giant round brush (I have a little one but I clearly need a giant one too) and made me look like this:

I kinda look like a lion. But a very cute, pampered lion.


Amy Jo said...

Oh I love the hair! I think the colors suit your complexion very nicely. So glad you got some fun, relaxing spa time! And a little jealous.

Just being honest.

super des said...

well I wouldn't write it if I didn't want you to be jealous! ;)

mar said...

cute hair!
yay for spa days

SUEB0B said...

Aw you deserve a nice day. Your hair looks great.

flutter said...

your hair looks FANTASTIC

jessabean said...

Those giant round brushes are so magical! Too bad I am so clumsy and awkward that I still haven't figured out how to use them on myself. :(

But your hair? Is fab.

super des said...

thanks guys!

and jess, I'll definitely have to work on my brush-dryer coordination. The stylist made it look so easy!

Jbeeky said...

Des, your hair looks amazing!

LittlePea said...

Yes. I love the hair too. Oh Spa! It's like you don't want to live anymore once you figure out what goes on there and you can't just move in, ya know. Damn them for making it that way.

Average Jane said...

Great hair! I always love the way my hair looks when a stylist uses one of the giant round brushes, but I've still never bought one for myself.

# #