Friday, January 02, 2009

I want to go to BlogHer!

A little bird told me that Queen of Spain is giving away a registration pass to BlogHer 09. Here's why I want / need that.

I've only been to one BlogHer conference - 2007 in Chicago. The only reason I was able to go is that I got the student discount* and shared accommodations with three wonderful ladies. Last year I couldn't go because I had just gotten a job after moving from NYC to MI and suffering through 6 months of unemployment. Even though it was pretty much in my old stomping grounds, I couldn't afford the trip. That made me sad.

The whole reason I started blogging was to provide my real life friends with updates. When you move around the country as much as I have, it gets real difficult to stay in touch with everyone, and everyone missed my meaningless little blurbs (and I missed giving them). However, the added bonus of my writing adventures was making all sorts of new virtual friends. I still considered them friends, even though we hadn't met in real life.

In Chicago, I got to meet many of these people whose lives I already knew. I met more that would soon become new friends. Not to mention the interesting topics and speakers at the conference (I got to meet Amy Sedaris!). The fact that I was there with people I knew made some difference. I wasn't a loner in the corner - in fact, even if I hadn't gone with friends, I know I would have made some. The women I met at that conference were so spectacular that I know they changed my life. Maybe not in a major way, but it gave me more people to care about and read about during my days. Then I get to vicariously experience things I might not in my own life: everything from the trials and joys of parenthood to assorted diseases to even just city life in places I'd never been. I love being able to interact with all these different people.

I was so bummed hearing of all the goings-on last year that I missed. I promised myself that I would definitely try to make this one. Unfortunately it hasn't been a good year financially for me thanks to 3 more months of unemployment (yes that's 9 out of 12 months that I've lived in MI that I haven't had an income). But the conference is in Chicago again this year, which is technically not that far from Detroit. If I have a car by then, I could even drive there.

The point is, the BlogHer 07 trip was one of the best I've ever taken. I don't want to get all cliche and talk about sisterhood and bonding, but it was there. The conference gets bigger each year, so it's a wonderful way to be a part of something grand. I even have my own laptop this time!

If any of you ave any memories of previous BlogHers (especially 07, hint hint) I would love to hear them.

*I had been accepted into Columbia's grad school program but ended up not going. Who knew Ivy League schools were so expensive?


mar said...

personally, i'd love to go, too.
hope you get to go!

SUEB0B said...

I hope you get to go. And I hope I get to go, too.

Favorite memory? By far, sitting on the lawn at the park by the lakefront with you, Suzanne and Cara and missing the boat parade. But seeing the fireworks.

super des said...

see, that's my favorite memory too. I want more of that.

Suzanne said...

We can share a room - you, me, and Mar!

super des said...

If I get to go, we 3 totally need to room together.

LittlePea said...

I'd love to go too! I've never been. Why can't they pick a city closer to Miami dammit so I can actually afford to go?

super des said...

I'd go visit you in Miami. ;)

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