Saturday, October 04, 2008

unpaid vacation

So remember that dilemma I was facing last week? Well the universe solved it for me. I woke up early on Friday, made myself up all purdy, and went into work. Before I even turned my computer on, I had this conversation with my bosses:

"Did you drive yourself today?"
"Well I guess your the first person we need to talk to."

Can you guess how that ended? Here's a hint: I returned home, half an hour after I'd left, and I was in tears. That's right, I got laid off. Something about how the economy sucks ass right now, and building custom cars is not something that a lot of people are in to, and lately we've had a few people thinking that they wanted custom cars but then they didn't want to pay for them. And when customers in that business don't pay, it's not like we're out a couple hundred dollars. More like several thousand. In one case, I think it was over $150,000. So yeah, it makes sense that they can't afford to pay their workers anymore.

I got a speech about how lots of people were getting laid off (you mean out of the 9 employees?) and some weren't coming back. But I was definitely coming back because they couldn't ask for a better employee and blah blah blah. I was thinking the whole time about that other job I might get. I found out later that in reality, only 2 of us were let go. Yeah that made me feel real super.

So I get to apply for unemployment, and hope beyond hope that I get this other job. Please hope for me too, wouldya? But I get to sleep in, and concentrate on not spending any money - I mean even less than I was before - and go to my sister's wedding without worry.... except for the worry about how I'm paying for the hotel. Stupid Southern California being all expensive.

Speaking of that, I've gotten a great response to my cry for help to get my mom to my sister's wedding. If you haven't already, please visit my etsy store and contribute to that cause. I've almost got enough to get her a train ticket. So that's one good thing, anyway.


SUEB0B said...

Where is the wedding?

super des said...

Huntington beach

mar said...

oh sweetie! well, maybe it's best the job decision is now made for you.
if i didn't have a giant medical expense coming up next week i'd happily request something custom, but i'm glad your mom can get to the wedding.

super des said...

Well she can't get there *yet* but definitely more than she could before.


flutter said...

I SO understand this.

I really do. I'm sorry, lovely girl.

MsLittlePea said...

Oh Des! Second person I've heard about losing a job. I remember you posted that you liked your job. Keep your chin up, I know you'll find something soon.

super des said...

Yeah, I did like my job. And If I was going to leave, I want to be prepared to do it.

# #