Friday, September 26, 2008

Viva le poop!

The most interesting things happen while I'm at work. (Un)Fortunately, they don't happen to me. To illustrate this point, please welcome very special guest blogger Jay:


So I cleaned the living room and hall today, got it all cleaned up.. and then I went and cleaned myself all up.. and I'm getting ready to head out. I take the dog out one last time before I leave and stupid Midnight decides to roll in the kind-of wet, freshly cut grass, right over a fresh pile of dog poop. So now, I'm all ready to go, but my dog is covered in feces and lawn clippings. So, guess who just got out of the shower for the second time today? Guess who had to shower with a poop dog. And guess who now smells like fruity shampoo. Me, me, and Midnight is the answer key.
Also, now the bathroom needs cleaning. I am so glad I didnt do the bathroom first.
viva le poop!

You know, after I got home from work, this same dog peed all over the patio, my feet, his leash, and the herb garden. But not on the carpet. And there was no poop for me to deal with.

ps - Of course I got permission to use these written words that are not my own. In fact, when I asked Jay if I could use his email in a blog, he said "please do!" Then, when I deleted the email because I am retarded like that, he re-sent it to me. The man likes to talk about poop I guess.

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