Saturday, July 26, 2008

People I hate

In the last couple of days, I've encountered a few people I think the world could live without. I'm not talking about the violent criminals, the haters, or anything like that. I mean people who are stupid and rude to the point of annoyance. More importantly, the people that have annoyed me.

Example 1: I received an important phone call at 4:42 on Friday afternoon. I was at work, so I let them leave a message. The message said "it's very important that you call me back, however I am only here until 5pm today." The why the heck did you call me with less than 20 minutes left? Don't worry about the fact that I needed this phone call to influence my financial future; obviously that matters not to you since you called me without expecting me to answer. Lucky for me, I got out of work early and was able to call them back and get done what I needed to do with 3 minutes to spare.

Example 2: We are getting health insurance at work, and the insurance salesman was in on Friday to speak with us. He was the worst. salesman. ever. He kept mentioning that he sells for 13 different companies, but only told us about one. Gee, what kind of profit margin do you have on that one? Does it have anything to do with that shiny new (bright orange!) sports car that is parked out front? And he kept using the phrase "I'll be honest with you, here's what I recommend..." The thing is, I heard him say this to every. single. person, before he even heard the facts that would allow him to give a personalized recommendation, which was the whole point of his being there and interrupting our workday. Clearly he's not being honest with us. On top of all that, he realized the plan he was pushing was really crappy* so he kept saying "it's better to have something than nothing." That's true to a point... though I would rather not have to pay for the "something" when it doesn't help me one iota.

Then, the pièce de résistance, he was packing up to leave so I reminded him that there were still a coupla people he hadn't given his schpeal to given a personalized quote to (myself included). He said ok, I'm just going to run to the bathroom then check my messages. Then, I'm just going to call this one person back. Then he proceeded to have a 45-minute long telephone call in which he was giving his entire schpeal to a new client and making sales while still hanging out in our office. That couldn't have waited until you left? During this time, my boss gave me something to do, which needed to be done right away since the customer was on his way in. So like a good little employee, I was doing my job. Then the salesman finished his phone call and told me was "all ready for me." I told him ok, give me a coupla minutes, I need to finish this. Then seriously every 30 seconds, he would "politely" remind me that he was "ready whenever I was." I would return the favor by reminding him that I was in fact at work and still needed to do my job. Yeah, remember when you kept putting me off because you were on the phone with another client? How does it feel? What are you gonna do, tell my boss that I am working instead of talking to some jackass? Fah.

Example 3: I answered the phone at work (also on Friday - I'm sensing a theme here) and spent a few minutes talking to a potential customer. The conversation was fine up until the end, when he asked my name. Since if a customer comes in with my name on his tongue, I get a percentage of the profits from him. So I willingly gave my name. (It's desiree, remember?) Then the guy made me wish I had the power to seep through the phone lines and strangle people. "Is that your stage name?" Yes, because I am clearly a stripper, answering the phones at a hot rod shop while I wait for my turn to dance.

Example 4: I was in an online forum, and one of the threads was about profile pictures. I asked what people thought of mine, and this one chick said it was too dark. Out of the goodness of her heart, she used MS Paint or some other non-professional program to lighten it. And make it look really cartoony and obnoxious. I thanked her for her "improvement", then ignored it. But I did choose a picture that was lighter and overall a better picture. Then the same chick told me that it "still wasn't very good color" and again took the trouble of "fixing" it for me. By now, I was a little annoyed, so I check out this girl's profile. Turns out, she is not even a full blown member of this forum. She has tried 3 times and been rejected each time. (I'm not a full member yet either, which is why I was looking for advice, but my 1st application hasn't even been reviewed yet.) I looked at her applications, and saw why she was not approved: every single one of her photos had been made cartoony and awful like she did to mine. Why would I take her advice? Clearly it's not working for her. It wouldn't work for me. But thanks for trying to impose your opinion on me. And go ahead and keep assuming that you must be right, because obviously you know what you're talking about.

So anyway, I need to start hanging around people I don't want to kill. (But then what would I write about?)

* for example, the prescription coverage was a $30 copay or 30% of the drug's original price, whichever is greater. Hi, I worked in a pharmacy for 6 or so years. I know that more often than not, 30% will be greater. Hey, good thing I'm paying for insurance, right? "It's better to have something than nothing." Not if I could have been setting aside my monthly insurance payments to pay for the prescription in full, which I'm sure would work out better.

ps - how do you spell schpeal? Schpeil? Schpeel? You know what I mean, right?


Average Jane said...

Ugh, I'd be annoyed too.

And for the record, it's "spiel."


super des said...

Apparently I throw an unnecessary sh sound in there. Huh.

SUEB0B said...

Yeah, spiel is correct. It means "play" as in the sense of "play music" in German, I think.

Since the evil boss left, I have been remarkably unannoyed.

super des said...

I looked it up on an online Yiddish dictionary, and I found it to mean "play as in a game" and I didn't know if that was stretching it. Apparently it's not. Now I know.

arlenestarr said...

Wow, that made my Friday seem like a day at the beach.

super des said...

Ah, it was ok. I just like to bitch about stuff.

mar said...

i so wanted to be the one to say that it's 'spiel'
people are idiots.

super des said...

Damn, I don't know where I was when I missed the train to "learn-how-to-spell-'spiel'-ville."

mar said...

just to clarify, i wasn't calling you an idiot.
i learned it when i was 22 from a college classmate who took german.

super des said...

So are you calling average jane & Suebob idiots?

mar said...

the people you hate are idiots.
better? :P

viciousrumours said...

Apparently, this kind of thing is goin' round. My best friend is seriously considering making a request for demotion because her last week and a half of work has been complete crap...and as for me? Yeah, well..we won't even GO there.

I hope this week ends on a less annoying note.

Suzanne said...

Yiddish is the best language ever. I noticed that I've been mixing in a lot of Yiddish words lately, and all of them are hard to spell.

# #