Tuesday, April 22, 2008

yesterday was a good day

So after I wrote my long post semi-complaining about nuthin happening, some things happened.

Jay and I took a long walk to the open-air mall that is a coupla miles away. On the way there, we saw 2 giant rodents. They looked like beavers but didn't have that signature tail. We found their elaborate system of underground tunnels, spurring Jay to call them gophers. I didn't know gophers got that big, but there is still a lot about this crazy state that I don't know. In my state of confusion, I made the best quote I've ever said, especially unscripted. "Gophers the size of beavers, beavers the size of caribou, and caribou the size of minivans!" It still makes me laugh and laugh. Later, I felt justified when we found large deer tracks, which of course I claimed were minivan-sized caribou.

I didn't get a picture of the gophers (which were later revealed to be groundhogs, duh) but here's a picture of some geese:
I didn't grow up in NYC, but moving to Michigan directly from there makes me feel like I live in untamed wilderness. And I love it.

At the mall, we were very good at not spending any money even though we went in a videogame store and Sephora to look at pretty eye makeup. We did, however, get some ice cream at Marble Slab, and thus discovered the best ice cream ever. Jay had vanilla with caramel and heath bar crumbles, and I had banana with crumbled butterfinger. It sounds weird but it was soooooooo tasty. We kept trading bites because they were both the best thing ever.

On our arrival home, I was pleasantly greeted with an email telling me I had sold 2 good-priced items from my Etsy store. Income is always welcome. So while I dealt with that, Jay grilled us up some burgers and dogs (veggie for me of course) and New Neighbor Friends came to visit. We went upstairs with them to do some hangin and that led to beer pong. (This is what happens when NNF are college age.) I've discovered that I gots some mad beer pong skillz, as does my awesome boyfriend. But we were on different teams. Unfortunately this explains why we're both not feeling in tip top shape this morning.

During the course of the night, the phrase "that's what she said" kept being used. I chided everyone for saying it so often, but they kept doing it. During beer pong, and this is where the night gets a little hazy, an opportunity came up for me to say that. Silly me, I don't remember what the opportunity was. However, it did result in this note:
Desiree had the best "that's what she said" tonight ever!
which is signed and dated, all official-like.

Anyway, I was awoken this morning by my very loud phone. Normally I would jump out of bed and answer it, what with all my prospective employers that should be calling. But today, not so much. Then I heard the voicemail alert go off, so I knew I'd better get up. Turns out it was the staffing agency I went to last week, and they already have something for me. I had to do a phone interview, which I just did, and the guy realized I'm awesome and so wants to meet me in person. I'll own that company soon. Thank goodness I ate some magical top ramen this morning, otherwise my future would turn out a lot different.


Suzanne said...

Yay! Good luck with that!

Arlene said...

Give 'em hell Des!

super des said...

thanks guys!

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