Monday, April 21, 2008


Not much goin on at the old homestead. I've made some pretty jewelry recently, but that's about it.

Jobwise, still nuthin. I went to a staffing agency last week and took stupid tests. Standard typing test, no problem. Simple spelling and math, no problem. Fake programs testing my knowledge of Word and Excel, which are stupid because you only get 2 chances per question, and if you don't remember which drop down menu a command is in, too bad. If you accidentally click your mouse somewhere, too bad. So, my scores made me look like I'd never touched a computer before. Luckily, the people giving the tests knew the programs' shortcomings, so they were still duly impressed with my skillz. Then I had to watch some video for idiots about safety. And when I say for idiots, I mean lights would flash and the announcer would say "QUIZ ALERT" when the video was about to go over something that would (word for word) be on the silly little test. I got 100% on that test, btw.

I also have a very hopeful prospect using Jay's Michigan connections. I should find out soon if knowing someone on the inside will help me or not, and if it doesn't, I'll call that agency. I don't want to be a temp because I hate office work, but it's gotten to the point where I don't get to choose any more. So let's all hope for nepotism.

Besides that, there hasn't been much goin on. Mecrutio has become obsessed with the squirrels that frequent our patio (thanks to a certain boyfriend's penchant for throwing peanuts out for them). Then yesterday there was a random frog on our patio. Mecru tried to eat it, but we put it in a box and took it to a field. Add that to the geese that apparently get it on right outside our bedroom window every morning at dawn, and we've got quite the wildlife refuge.

The weather's been beautiful, so Midnight's been gettin long walks. I like this whole "spring" idea. So much better than the neverending snow.

Also, I've registered for the Detroit AIDS Walk. The walk itself isn't til September, but you should go to my website and sponsor me before then. And tell your friends and stuff. Or click on that big button over to the right anytime.

So that's about it. Whole lotta nuthin.

ps - there are 3 separate jewelry links up there, make sure you click on them all.


mar said...

i need a new job. my life sucks. blah.
hopefully the chiro will fix my achey shoulder/knee/ankle this afternoon.

super des said...

I'd say at least you have your health, but....

mar said...

mental & physical health are highly questionable lately.

Suzanne said...

Hopefully, something will pan out soon. For both Des and Mar!

What's up with Jason's employment situation? (If it is OK to ask...)

# #