Friday, April 04, 2008

*I* know I'm awesome

The problem with me is that my self esteem is too high. How is this a problem? Well some people might call me (rightfully) conceited, well that doesn't bug me. What gets me is that when I go to something like a job interview, I don't understand how someone could not love me. How could I not get a job? I'm super smart, I've got a very smily face, I'm awesome with customers, computers, and numbers, I'm well dressed, and I'm totally qualified.

So my interviewer from Monday at the job I totally want promised to call me by 5pm today. Even if it was a no, I'd still get a call. It is just after 2pm on Friday, and still no word. I'm very nervous. Yes, I need a job, but more importantly, I totally aced the interview. I was well spoken, we laughed together, and they called me for this brand new position specifically because of my range of experiences.

It might be easier on me if I had low self worth. Then I would go to a job interview, give it my best shot, and immediately write it off. Then it would be a pleasant surprise when I got a job. As it is, I can only get let down. Yes, I'm happy I got a job. But it's no surprise. Instead, I'm absolutely devastated (desastated?) when I don't get that call. So then I sit around moping. Moping is not fun.

So for today, I'm sitting on the edge of pins and needles waiting to see how my mood will go.


Suzanne said...

If you don't hear from the guy today, call on Monday. You never know what came up.

Arlene said...

OMG, I know the feeling all too well Des.

super des said...

suz, I will do that. After I spend the weekend freaking out.

Arlene, I'm sure you do. I hate the feeling. :P

Trish K said...

Wow, good luck. Its so hard when things are beyond your control. I agree wiht suzanne and give them a call

Good luck

Count Mockula said...

Yeah, I'd call too. And disappointments is one of the perils of optimism, but I still prefer it to pessimism.

viciousrumours said...

It's a bit like sitting outside of the principal's office. You're just waiting for bad news, even though on the inside you know you're going to get congratulated on winning something.

Good luck!

super des said...

ooh, I like your logic.

might I add...? said...

Good luck, des!

Sometimes, I think they're intimidated by people who seem really smart and perfect for the job. Like, you're too good for the job, so you'll only stay there until something better comes along.

Which might be true, but a lot of people do that, maybe even most. But maybe they're afraid you might leave after a week or something.

And that totally disorganized dude is probably afraid that you'd replace him. And I'm sure you would do a much better job. A group interview??! I can't even imagine. Although I think it would be interesting to see the competition.

Anyway, best of luck! The right job will come along. Something you love and which will pay you well... that's not too much to ask!

super des said...

You know, you're probably right. I had a hard time getting a job right after college because people assumed I would leave soon. Maybe they should ask what my plans are?

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