Thursday, February 14, 2008

story of mushy roses

Inspired by a post on Hola, Isabel, and the fact that it's Valentine's Day so some people are in to it, here is a story about roses. It's not my first bouquet of roses ever, but it was the first bouquet given to me by my Jason.

Everyone knew it was coming. Something had been a little off in my life lately, and rather* than ask me about it directly, the xbf decided to read this here very blog to find out what was up. It just so happened that the entry he read mentioned that I was on the phone with Jason for a few hours while waiting for a concert to start. (A concert which, not coincidentally, xbf had refused to go to with me so I was there by myself.) I knew full well what I was doing when I wrote about it, but I didn't really expect it to be the catalyst.

As a result of the ensuing discussion, I was up all night. The few hours I spent "asleep" were not restful at all. Then, fun of all funs, I got to go to work in the morning. I got to greet customers and appear bubbly and all around cheery. Yeah, that didn't happen. This was also the start of my work deciding I needed to switch stores. So I took a long lunch and went to the other store for a split shift. On the way there, I called Jay. He was audibly disappointed when I told him I wasn't going to be at work until 5, as originally planned. "I hate to ruin the surprise, but you're getting flowers delivered there." He knew I wouldn't be having the bestest day, so he did what he could from 700 miles away.

I went home and took a nap. I was awakened when my phone rang, the store telling me I had a delivery. I finished my nap and when it was time to go to the other store, I took the long way and stopped at the first store. When I walked in, all my coworkers immediately flocked around me asking who they were from, etc. I saw a giant glass vase, filled with baby's breath and a dozen red roses. The roses were about 3 feet tall. I mean they were huge. The card said "for my sunshine" (get it, desiRAY of sunshine!) and I still carry it around with me in my wallet.

I left them there til the next day, since there was no point in taking them to the other store. However, the next day was terribly windy, so I left them at work again. (Besides the fact that bringing them home would cause complications I wasn't ready to deal with yet.) But I did get to run downstairs continually to breathe in the fresh aroma of giant red roses. Everyone in the store was totally jealous, except for one guy who was convinced that Jay had gotten another girl pregnant. He just couldn't comprehend buying someone pretty flowers unless he had royally screwed up. Brightening someone's day? Unheard of. But they did brighten my day, and even though I never need roses, I can't say no to them.

ps - in the (almost) month that I've lived in MI, my Jason has gotten me roses one more time. I was unpacking while he was at work, and got overwhelmed by lots of things... including pictures of me and the xbf falling out and making me cry. I called him at work and told him that I was sitting on the floor crying and couldn't unpack any more, and when he came home, he had another dozen roses for me. They sat on top of the tv for a while, filling the house with sweet sweet smell.

* This is one of the reasons he is now qualified as the xbf.


Suzanne said...

Aw, that's sweet. I'm not really a flower person myself (I hate spending money on things that die so soon), but roses are totally my favorite.

super des said...

I told him I want a flower garden instead, and he said I'd have one. But I don't think they could live in the 8 or so inches of snow outside...

Alex Elliot said...

Personally I love getting flowers. What's up with the guy who thought that Jason must have gotten a girl pregnant?! That is so bizarre!

flutter said...

He's very kind to you, isn't he?

super des said...

alex, that guy would just not listen to reason.

and yes flutter, he is. :)

SUEB0B said...

Roses are a very good thing.

mar said...

i still have one gorgeous pink tiger lily from my birthday two weeks ago.
glad the flowers made you smile.

super des said...

suebob, like I said, I can't say no.

And mar, tiger lilies are very pretty. I'm amazed it's lasted so long.

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