Saturday, February 16, 2008

nerd party

When you don't have a job, and thus have no income, you are *not* supposed to go buy things you don't need. That means no videogames. Unless your name is des, then you are supposed to watch as your boyfriend buys a Nintendo DS, and before he's even taken it out of the box, you decide you want one too. After all, if you each have one, then you can play together.

Said box-removal happened at the restaurant. We were sitting at the bar because sometimes we don't like waiting for a table at lunch time. I'm looking over the menu, and Jason is playing with his new toy. Meanwhile, the bartendress is making small talk. What are we doing this weekend? Well we just bought new videogame systems, so we're having a nerd party. Then she drops this on us:
"My husband has a nerd party with himself every day."
Which made us laugh and laugh because what a funny thing to say.

We ate our meal, and as we were leaving the bartendress said "Enjoy your nerd party." However she said it in such a tone that it would have been a little patronizing had Jason not introduced the term nerd party himself. We had the whole day to waste, so rather than go back to the kmart where Jay bought his DS, we decided to go to an actual game store for mine. We figured they would have a bigger selection of games, as well.

Jay bought a pretty blue DS, and the game store was advertising red ones on sale. I thought maybe I'd buy the red one, so we could differentiate. But no, no, they only had blue. Of course, the blue is very nice, so I was ok with that. And, color-coordinated girl that I am, the blue matches my laptop and camera. My phone isn't blue, but it does have chococat stickers on it, like everything else.

I'm sensing a theme here.

So Saturday was spent cuddled up on the couch, having a vicious Mario Party battle. When we're not playing the same game, I am fueling my lifelong Zelda addiction, and he is conquering the Mario Brothers universe.

Oh videogames. How I've missed thee.


mar said...

i got addicted to puzzlequest & brain age. but since it's not my ds, i've lost custody of it and all the games. s said i could borrow it any time, but i don't want to bother him.
i like the blue. :)

super des said...

Brain Age is one of the ones we considered getting.

Jay said...

Instead we got New Mario Brothers, Mario Party, Zelda:Phantom Hourglass, and the Namco Museum (Pac Man & Dig Dug!)

flutter said...

I heart nerds

might I add...? said...

Zelda...oh my! Is Zelda still around? I loved Zelda! I mapped out the whole Zelda universe (on graph paper) from my old Nintendo system fifteen years I feel old :(

So I'm curious about what Zelda looks like now...

SUEB0B said...

You two are just too cute. I'd rather do scrapbooking than play video games (and I'm no friend of scrapbooking) but whatever makes you happy.

super des said...

might I add - the newest Zelda is very good. I've been a fan of Zelda forever, and I remain pleased.

Suebob - what a buzzkill.
ha ha ha.

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