Monday, January 14, 2008

life's little hangups

I'm not really a phone girl. My friends know I'm not good at the whole "calling them" thing. I only tolerate it with my parents because they don't know what email is. (Ok, that's a lie, but it's also true that my mom doesn't even have a computer.) One very possible reason for my pseudo-phone-phobia is the distinct possibility of being hung up on.

Yes, I've hung up on people before. It's a power thing. But I've only been the hangee a few times. The first and most life-changing was when I was like 12, and my mom hung up on me and I yelled BITCH! at the empty phone. My stepmom heard this and was ready to dish out an ass-whooping, but my explanation seemed to be just cause and I didn't get in trouble.

I think the only other person to hang up on me was the xbf, and that was rare because I prefer to be the hanger. Maybe I throw my cell phone down on a Manhattan street, screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA into the air if I am hung up on. And I am a vindictive bitch when I need to be, so the hanger knows when they have done wrong. I also don't forget.

Anyway, mini-tangent aside, I am against the hang ups. Sure, I loved hanging up on rude people when I had my office job and people were being horrible pricks to me. There was something so satisfying about just dropping the phone in it's cradle. Especially if they called back more indignant. Then I could just hang up on them again. Yay!

But sometimes, especially in Cell Phone Land, calls are disconnected and there are accidental hangups. I think there's a commercial about that so please don't bring it up. I think many relationships have been needlessly ended or troubled by these accidental hangups. The answer? email. Of course, in person is always best, but all other communication should be via email. Yes that raises other problems. But it avoids the problem which is the main topic of discussion here, the hangup.

It's no coincidence that I'm writing this instead of telling you verbally.


Suzanne said...

I kinda hate talking on the phone, too. Except when people live far away. Then I like it because I get to hear their voices.

super des said...

h, and I don't think the people who have no option will hang up on you. It's more the people you talk to all the time.

MsLittlePea said...

Just came by to get caught up. Love the new bag, hope you get your 3 dollar shirt, love the poem too.

I hate talking on the phone as well. Anyone who hangs up on me, doesn't ever get to speak to me again. DrPhil says you gotta be willing to take privileges away so there it is. :O) Honestly though, I hate the damn phone. If not for serial killers and flat tires,I wouldn't even have one.

Count Mockula said...

I hate the phone, too. I worked in a phone job for several years, and that was pretty much it for me. I answer the phone if it rings (usually after checking the caller ID), but with rare exception, I do not pick it up and dial it. I consider it more of a one-way device. E-mail, on the other hand... I LOVE the e-mail. I'm not anti-communication, just anti-phone.

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