Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After 3 sessions, 8 hours, and more money than I'd like to admit I spent, my pretty flower tattoo is done!

You can't see any pictures yet, because the bandages are still on. Also, because it is the most beautiful tattoo you will ever see, I want to wait til it's totally healed until I reveal it to the world. So give me a little while for that to happen, and to relocate myself, and I promise, I will post amazingly beautiful pictures of my amazingly beautiful rainbow flowers.

And, bragging rights:
My artist, Claire at Fun City, liked my tattoo so much -her own work, mind you- that she had me pose for pictures. Her camera made funny shutter sounds. Instead of the normal little click, it went "ptchoo" like I was being shot with a tiny ray gun. That made me laugh.

The fact that I was laughing was proof that I had a much better experience than last time. No berries, so there was not the massive blood loss. I still bled of course, but not nearly as much. Apparently the bony part of the shoulder where the tattoo needle rattles your whole skeletal system is also a bloody part. But no problemo. And then I was in an extra super mood because of my newfound beauty.

Yes, I've already settled on a possibility for my next tattoo. Something simple. 1 session. an hour. But no, it won't done be for a long long time. I am done with being tattooed for a while. I say this every time, and usually it takes a year for the inky itch to develop again. So don't hold me to this. But for now, no more tattoos.

Pictures to follow soon, I promise.


flutter said...

oh I can't wait to see!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Wow... I stop reading for a month, you get a new boyfriend and move to Michigan. Eee gads... if I don't read for 2 months... I can't even imagine what would happen!!!

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