Sunday, December 16, 2007

warning, 3D images ahead (but not actually)

Remember viewmasters?

Well we sell them in the store. You can look at 3D pictures from such exotic locales as New York, Australia, and Puerto Rico, as well as pictures of things like space shuttles and dinosaurs. When they first came in, passersby could see 3 store employees looking through pseudo-futuristic goggles while pulling the lever on the side to change the slide.

They sell well, especially when people need gifts for children. So I was a little shocked when I had the following conversation yesterday:
lady: do you have any of these for kids?
me: they are all for kids.
lady: no I mean child appropriate.
me: what? Those are children's toys. They are made for children. They are all child appropriate.
husband (to lady)*: Well see, it does say "ages 3 and up."
lady sighs, because clearly we are all idiots for not seeing the apparent adult-only content in this "children's toy."

* Picture the Red King from Alice in Wonderland... he was meek and afraid to contradict his wife.

OK, going about my business. Later, I am ringing this couple up for their purchases, including the viewmaster. The lady asks me where the nearest Christian bookstore is, so she can buy some Christian thing I've never heard of that will apparently save the child's soul after he (yes, it was a he) looks at these awful graphic depictions of sex, drugs, and violence. I told her I honestly didn't know, but suggested 7th avenue, mainly to get her away from the store. She gave me a look that translated as "how could there not be a Christian store right next to this one, because clearly this one is full of sin."

I explained it to all my coworkers, and the best explanation was that maybe since she was a Super Christian, she found dinosaurs offensive because they weren't in the bible. It's a long shot. Any other ideas?

ps - Someone make me a custom reel.


Suzanne said...

I think it was because you had viewmasters that showed other places in the world, which include other cultures and ethnicities. You know how horrid it can be to expose children to other ideas.

super des said...

yeah, especially Christian children, apparently.

Count Mockula said...

Were there any of those National Geographic boobie pictures?

super des said...

Not even close.
Landscapes & cityscapes.

mdog said...


dinosaurs? space shuttles?

think of the children!

super des said...

I'm just evil.

# #