Wednesday, November 28, 2007

so excited

Sweeney Todd.
One of my new favorite movies, and I haven't even seen it yet. But I know it will be the best ever because Tim Burton is my favorite director. He is directing this. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. He is starring. Sweeney Todd is my favorite play. I saw it on Broadway, and that day found out that the movie was in the works.


And because of that whole no-tv thing, I just finally saw the trailer.
This trailer:

So yeah.

I'm still pushing for Wristcutters, but for a bit I'll be temporarily distracted. Just until December 21 when I can go get my Burton / Depp fix (that I can't get at home).


MsLittlePea said...

I heart Johnny too. Not just because of my left-over 12 year old crush on him but that he is such an artist! I can't wait to see this!

super des said...

Yes, he is wonderful eye candy, but he's also an awesome actor.

Brillig said...

Oh, I know!!! It just looks like it could be nothing short of amazing.

jessabean said...

Johnny is my pretend boyfriend. He's so dreamy!

That being said I have a feeling this will be a renter for me. I have to go see the Golden Compass in theaters first!

flutter said...

I so cannot wait for this, I am seriously a little damp just thinking about it.

Ok that was gross, but whatever I am excited!

super des said...

bril, nice to see you again!

jess, I can't see that one til I read the book (s) which are sitting on my shelf.

flutter, haha yeah.

Suzanne said...

I'm pretty psyched about Sweeney Johnny also.

super des said...

If you weren't off on some tropical island when it comes out, we'd go see it

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