Thursday, November 08, 2007

my bunny buddy

My second-to-last day at the bookstore was stupid. Why would anyone want to be there at 7am only to look forward to throngs of screaming children? A class came in today, which means each kid has a set amount of money that they can spend on books, so they run around being noisy and messy. I mean this is what happens normally, but the class means it's an additional 30 kids doing it at the same time. Today, however, I managed to run away and go eat "lunch" (but really it was breakfast since it was like 10am) while the class was there. I believe that saved some of my sanity.

Then I came back and the (majority of the) children were gone. I wasn't planning on sticking around much longer anyway. I wasn't in the mood to be there (meaning: my mood was sleepy) and my coworker was all bitchy and cranky (not at me, but it is hard to work with someone who yells fuck! and throws books down - in front of the customers I'm helping). But then I found out that my (only) friend in the bookstore was working too, and I was so happy because the managers have decided that we have too much fun together and thus have made it so we actually alternate days. So when she came in I was happy and laughing and all was well. (How many parentheticals can I put in one paragraph?)

Then I found him. My new buddy. The cutest toy bunny I've ever seen in my entire life. He was all white and fuzzy and small and I picked him up and put him on my shoulder. Sometimes he fell off, but for the most part he stayed put, and people were like "what's with the bunny?" and I was like "he's my new friend. He's helping me out today" and nobody bothered questioning me further. I grew quite attached to the little bunny, and when he didn't want to stay on my shoulder anymore, I carried him under my arm or in my hand everywhere with me. Nobody at all asked why I would still hold onto the bunny while carrying armloads of books. They were really just jealous that they didn't have a cute little bunny friend of their own.

Then the end of the day came. I finally got around to buying that Bunnicula boxed set. I was still holding the bunny. I knew he had to come with. We bonded in a way that can only happen between certain very special people and bunnies. But I also had a sneaking suspicion knew for sure that this particular adorable bunny had been in the dirty hands & mouths of countless screaming children. He was not wrapped in plastic. It made me very sad, and I apologized (yes, out loud) to my buddy for replacing him, and grabbed one wrapped in plastic.

At first we did not have the same bond, but we've grown and now I love him.
Don't you?


Arlene said...

Absolutely adorable !

super des said...

Thanks Arlene!

flutter said...

I so do!

jessabean said...

Okay, first? There's a Bunnicula boxed set???? I WANT!

And second? That bunny is frickin' adorable.

Suzanne said...

I love bunnies. Even the real one who lives in my living room and has pale eyes that glow red in photos and mostly uses his litterbox but also craps on the floor a lot. Bunnies are good.

super des said...

So everyone agrees that bunnies are good, even when they are vampires. ($15 jessabean!)

Count Mockula said...

Aw, I do like your bunny.

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