Tuesday, November 13, 2007

coffee coffee bo boffee

I've officially made the switch from cold coffee to hot coffee. Something about the freezing mornings... just can't put my finger on it.

I don't have a regular coffee maker. I'm unconventional like that. I have a French Press, which is unfortunate because you have to be smarter than the coffee in order to drink it. Shut up, I am smarter than it, only because it's a liquid. If it was a gas, gas coffee, I would have no chance in a trivia contest against it. But as it is, it's a bit of a struggle. There are many steps involved which can easily be overlooked on a cold tired morning.

Here's what should be done:
1) Take everything out of their nicely stowed places in the cupboard, because I'm neat like that.
2) Put some water on to boil.
3) Pour the right amount of beans into the grinder, and grind them at the correct coarseness.
4) pour the grounds into the press, followed by the hot water.
5) Press the coffee just a little bit, and wait a few minutes.
6) Push the press thingy all the way down and pour your coffee into your favorite genetics-themed mug that your biology teacher gave you in high school for being awesome.
7) add chocolate soy milk and enjoy.

Here are some of the many things that I have done wrong:
- pour hot water in the coffee grinder.
- pour unground beans into the press.
- make the coffee too strong, so I become Captain ADHD, commander of the US naval forces.
- make the coffee too weak, so I am left drinking water and brown.
- pour orange juice in instead of soy milk. OK, that one wasn't me, it was C's grandma, but it was so cute when she did it and then said "well, shoot."
- any one of a number of other things that impede and/or delay my coffee enjoyment.

And, this morning with my weak coffee in tow, I managed to spill it all over my leg, leaving a nice brown water stain on my pretty silver pajamas. That's fine, it matches the red nail polish I spilled on my other leg a few days ago. And also? The coffee that I put so much effort into making hot?

It's cold now.


MsLittlePea said...

Speaking of coffee! I was just reading this article about coffee before I clicked over here. It appeals to my feminist tendencies....


Sorry I still don't know how to make links in the comments section :O)

Are you going to buy a new maker? I did hear French presses make the best flavored coffee...if you can keep it hot.

super des said...

I like the french pres. It's just a lot to handle if you really *need* the coffee

and that's weird. I usually see women baristas, so I guess I never noticed the wait. Plus, you know, I'm white & beautiful ;)


jessabean said...

Making good coffee is an art. So I tell myself, and that's why I end up spending so much money on my addiction at Starbucks.

Sucks about the spillage. And welcome to the Hot Coffee Club! We do it so much better. :)

super des said...

I should say switch *back* to hot coffee. the cold brewed-coffee was really really tasty though.

SUEB0B said...

I'm laughing with you, not at you.

super des said...

it's ok suebob, you can laugh at me on this one.

Suzanne said...

Wowsers. I hope the rest of your first day at your new store is much less spill-y and stain-y. This was damn funny to read, though.

Ms. Little - to make a link in the comments, type
"linkname" but without the quotes surrounding the carrots. Hope that makes sense.

Suzanne said...

OK, that lesson didn't work (I just made a bad link), so I'll try again...

To make a link:
(type the carrot above the comma key)a href="siteURL"(carrot above the period key)name the link(type the carrot above the comma key)/a(type the carrot above the period key)

mdog said...

okay. i definitely laughed out LOUD at the Things I Have Done Wrong portion of this post.

also, french press coffee is awesome.

super des said...


and ah, mdog, they are funny now, but not at the time.

might I add...? said...

I've been so busy on the homefront the past couple of weeks that I needed to catch up. Thanks for a couple of laugh-out-louds. Enough to get my mom to wonder "what is she doing?" and actually get up, come over, sit down next to me to read this post and the one about the post office. (She enjoyed them, too. She asked "What is this?" ... not yet familiar with blogs and blogging.)

Thanks for the laughs.

super des said...

ha ha,
well tell your mom thanks for stopping by!

# #