Wednesday, October 10, 2007

why yes I have

Ever get so hungry that you can't think? And then because of your newfound stupidness, you can't even make yourself food to alleviate the problem?

That sucks.


mar said...

since i got out of the hospital i've been ravenous. i'm attempting to make a grilled cheese right now.

Average Jane said...

That's usually when I start shoving sugary crap down my gullet until the blood sugar seesaw does a full crash.

flutter said...

Uh huh, that would be me, RIGHT THIS SECOND

mar said...

i just ate 3 grilled cheese & almost an entire can of tomato soup.
now there's good reason my pic has my hands covering my face. yipes!

super des said...

And then I had to go to my first day of work. WTF was I thinking by not eating? Fah.

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