Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TMI post for the day

So all you non-tattoo people know, tattoos peel when they are healing. Like a sunburn, but less gross. This is why you put lotion on it. My tattoo is at that stage right now. For some reason it fascinates me because the peeling skin is colored. Since my tattoo is just a black outline right now, the skin flakes are black. It looks like someone chipped paint and the chips fell onto my shoulder. When I get the tattoo finished, I'll have a rainbow of blues and greens and purples and pinks, which is slightly weirder.

So if you see me rubbing my shoulder like I've got dandruff, that's why. Black shoulder dandruff.


mar said...

muahaha! i forgot about that part. my last ink was on my shoulder blade, so i could barely reach it to lotion it up. i vaguely remember my other tat from 9 years ago doing that. green 4-leaf clover skin flakes.

super des said...

My last 2 were on my back, so I had the boy do the lotioning. Of course he was squeemish about the colored flakes.

flutter said...

rrrooowwwrrrrr HAWT. Mine was green and purple

super des said...

the colors will make mine so much better.

Suzanne said...

The novel I read about tattooing spent oodles of time talking about scabbing and peeling. I so wish I had the balls to get a tattoo.

super des said...

nerd. "I learned it in a book..."
ha ha ha
just get one, you killer koala.

# #