Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So that job I was complaining about yesterday called me to tell me they couldn't get ahold of one of my references... do I have another phone number for them that is not a fax machine? Well besides the fact that I haven't worked for them in 2 years and have not had contact with them during this time, I do know that the company is now defunct. But I didn't tell them this last part. I was just taken aback that a part time job offering $7 an hour was actually calling other states to check references. Now that's lame. I don't even want the job, but they are sure going through a lot of trouble to make sure I'm not an incompetent asshole. Seriously, people, it's a crappy job. You might have to settle for a less-than-perfect employee.

ps - we all know that I will be given stellar references, but that's not the point.

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mdog said...

they could have faxed them questions...

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