Friday, October 05, 2007

hard day haiku

bad news from the fam,
plus I'll be poor forever
please be my escape


Monkey said...

I am sorry to hear that things stink right now. Even though it does not always feel like it- things will get better.
As for being poor- there are definitely much worse things. You will find the right place for you and you will find a way to get all of the things you need.
Hang in there!

jessabean said...

I'm sorry you're sad. And being poor sucks! Sending a virtual hug.

Maybe some Mario Tennis will make you feel better?

super des said...

Thanks guys.
The only prob with Mario Tennis is that it hurts my thumbs, and I have enough pain in my life right now.

Suzanne said...

Worried about you. calling you pronto.

mar said...

hope things turn around soon.
thinking of you.

Count Mockula said...

I'm sorry, I hate bad news.

Working Girl said...

I stop by everyday now. Hope you're ok.

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