Saturday, October 13, 2007

girl anachronism

A recent conversation with a friend pointed out the following inconsistencies:

I like to go out, but I hate being around people.

I love compliments, but I hate to be hit on.

I'm lazy, but I get tired of being at my house.

My actions make perfect sense to me, just not to those around me. If it's too far away or too hard to get to, I will forgo fun to not have to deal with it. I want everything to come to me. In CA, my house was a good hangout. We had drinks, music, and all sorts of fun things. Plus, there was nowhere to go out to in that town. I guess I got used to that and was spoiled, because guess what? There's always somewhere to go and something to do in NYC. However, it takes more money, and that is something I don't ever have.

So anyway, everyone should come hang out in my hood, all the time. kthanks.

ps here's today's horoscope:
In your trickster mode, you've been known to pull rabbits out of hats, but now the pressure to do magic can get in the way of good results. Instead of relying on magic, it might be smarter to fall back on good old-fashioned hard work. If you stay focused on being true to your feelings, it still could appear easier than it really is.

So, no magic at the bookstore. I think that would really get results, both in doing my job and entertaing / shutting up the kids. There's so much pressure.


mar said...

i'm like that too. except i doubt you want to come to iowa to hang out.

super des said...

You see, mar, it's not where I go, it's who I'm with. Next time I'm in IA I'm totally looking you up.

Suzanne said...

I'm a humanist misanthrope, so I understand.

super des said...

yesh, but you're house is one of those things that's really far away

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