Monday, October 01, 2007

feh for jobs

So I had a job interview today. It was pointless, even though I did get to wear the bottom half of my new suit. It's not that I didn't get the job - I'm sure that they're making out my time sheet as I type this - but I didn't want them. I would be making less than half of my previous salary, and only part time hours. I knew I wouldn't be making the same moolah, but for about 1/4 of it? No way. Besides the fact that I'd be working in the cafe section instead of the book section. That's not fun. The only reason I applied to the giant bookstore was for the employee discount, and 30% isn't so super that I can't live without it. Besides the fact that my $100 a week or whatever wouldn't give me any money to spend on the books anyway.

So at some point I'll go back to traipsing the streets of my 'hood, looking for that perfect job. If you see it, can you send it my way? Thanks.

ps - here's what my horoscope said today:
You are very receptive to messages from your subconscious mind now so make use of the guidance you can receive from within. One way to do this is to imagine that your ringing telephone is you calling yourself from the future. Because your key planet Mercury is so grounded today, you can actually have a discussion with a facet of yourself that can tell you what to do. Ask intelligent questions and listen up. This is an opportunity you won't want to miss.
I think I missed the call from my future self because I was at this interview.


mar said...

aw des. was this your 1st interview since the last crap job? i can't quite remember. they usually go in spurts, so if you've been applying i'll bet you hear from a couple more pretty soon.
on the horoscope/fortune note, s & i had chinese food last night & my chinese word in my fortune cookie was 'boyfriend' & his was 'sympathize' which was so hilarious since i was just discharged from hospital for the 2nd time last night. i got one of those sucky non-fortunes, just a statement, but the word made up for it. :)

super des said...

This was my first interview (in like 2 years!). However, I've only put out 2 apps so far, so 50% success rate aint bad.

flutter said...

Not bad at all, babe.

jessabean said...

I'm sure you'll find a good place to work. Don't settle!

30% for employees? That's dumb...isn't that the "discount" that major bookstores give to customers with the "membership cards"? You should get more than that for sure!

super des said...

I'm definitely not settling. Part of my current luxury is that I have time to find a job I like. (Unless I keep dawdling... then I might have to settle.)

Sudiegirl said...

bummer my friend.

i know it might not be the greatest idea, but have you thought about temping with Manpower? They have benefits now, and sometimes the jobs are pretty sweet. Sometimes they're few and far between but if they like you, you'll get into the top tier no problem. Plus, they have online courses of all kinds so you can get trained on all new stuff!

super des said...

Nope, I'm definitely staying away from that.

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