Sunday, September 09, 2007

the great coffee fiasco (post #2 today)

Now that a reasonable number of things have been unpacked, it was time to get back in our old habit of drinking coffee in the mornings. There is a coffee shop 2 blocks away from our apartment (yay new 'hood!) so we bought some coffee the other night and took it home. We use the cold-brew system which I've mentioned before, so the coffee has to sit overnight and you can drink it the next morning.

I left it up to C to do all the preparations. First, when he was pouring all the coffee and water in, the coffee ballooned and overflowed, causing a medium-sized mess. Oh well, just less coffee for us to drink. Then the next morning, all that remained was just to drain the coffee and drink it. Very exciting.

But apparently C did not stop before filling the container to see where the stopper was. It's supposed to be on the outside, so that when it's ready to drain it can be easily pulled out. But when I was unpacking, I just threw the stopper in the tub and did not position it. It happened to fall into the hole, but on the inside, where it would be buried under mounds of coffee and water, inaccessible. This is the part C did not check.

So when he was ready to pull out the stopper, he noticed the placing of it. "I'll just dump the coffee into this bowl and pull out the stopper, then pour the coffee back into the container so that it can drain properly." It would have worked, too (no it wouldn't have) except that the coffee went not only into the bowl, but all over the counter, into the silverware drawer, the cupboard below it, onto the floor, and all over C. A pound of finely ground coffee and water. Everywhere. AND, we had no coffee to drink.

It was all very sad. And very funny, except that I had to clean it up watch C clean it up.


seventh sister said...

Makes me glad that I don't drink coffee. I can make enough messes without it.

MsLittlePea said...

I haven't drank coffee in months. A friend of mine has a cold brew system too and I LOVE it. The flavor is so much better because all the acids are filtered out that way leaving a strong but pure(r) coffee flavor.

Sorry about the mess but I bet your new place smells like fresh mocha now

super des said...

Well, since *I* didn't make the mess, I did get to enjoy the coffee smell.

Frazzled Mom said...

As a coffee lover myself I can feel your pain. Although you handled it a lot better then i would of!

super des said...

I was spiteful and kept bringing it up all day:
I'm tired.
Because *someone* spilled all my coffee on the ground before I could drink any.

# #