Saturday, September 29, 2007

the des interview

You know I can't resist talking about myself, but the question always looms, "what do I write?"
Well, the opportunity to be "interviewed" came up, and the opportunist in me snatched up the chance.

1. You are a California girl living now in New York. Where do you feel most 'at home'? What cultural differences do you love and hate about both places?(Do you loathe the term 'California girl'? I've heard a few women say they did)

That’s 3 questions and 2 statements. Anyhoo, I still consider CA my home. That’s where the fam lives, though I will never again live in either of the cities that my parents or Craig’s parents live in. I love NYC, but I could never live here with kids. I want my kids to have a house with a yard and a “normal” childhood experience, which is what I had. So I will totally live here and continue loving it until I start a family. Then, back to CA, where the grandparents get to help out!

As for loving and loathing, that’s too big a topic that I don’t feel like going into fully. I love not having to drive, but it’s also nice to be able to escape once in a while. I love that I can get anything I want at any time of day just around my ‘hood here, but with internet shopping and whatever, it’s kinda the same in CA.

(And “California Girl” is acceptable, but just don’t ever call it “Cali.”)

2. I admire your artistic jewelry making skills. What do you do for inspiration and do you have any other artistic endeavors?

I usually steal other people’s ideas. Then I make them better and avoid copyright infringement. But often I’ll see something in a store or on someone, and be like “pssht, I can make that.” And then I do. Or, I’ll just invent something in my head and see if I can make it work in real life. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s really hard to do anything if I’m not in the mood, or feeling the inspiration. I used to draw with colored pencils, pastels, paint, and other stuff like that. I also have been known to sew things. And duh, I write too. Pretty much anything artistic or creative, I’ll do or have done (and have boxes of supplies if I ever need them again). Whether or not it’s good… that’s not up to me to decide.

3. Have you ever had the need to tell someone to go f- themselves(or the like) and did you enjoy it as much I would?(since I've always wanted to do so but usually chicken out) If yes, explain. If no, who would be the first person you would say that to if given the chance with no consequences to worry about?

I always say what I’m feeling. If you catch me in the right mood, you may get told to fuck off. Or, I might just make a face and walk away. I could also turn to whomever I’m with and explain to them what a butt you are, so that you can hear what I’m saying but know that I wouldn’t stoop to talk to you because you suck. I could also do any combination of the 3. Either way, people I meet always know how I feel about them. Maybe this is why strangers rarely talk to me!

And yes, it generally feels pretty darn good. That's why I keep doing it.

4. What was the last song you heard on your ipod and have you ever had a song you HATED but kept intruding in your brain? What was it.

The last song I heard was “Under Pressure” by Queen & David Bowie. I like that song. However, often is the time when I get songs in my head that I hate. I’m highly suggestible in that way. Someone just has to mention something that reminds me of a song (good or bad) and I get that song in my head. It’s more than a little annoying as a super power.

5. Out of all the books you love, if you could make one into a movie and have total say in the entire production, what book would you choose and who would you pick to play the characters?

That’s too hard. I generally don’t like movies made out of books. My fave bumper sticker said “Don’t judge a book by its movie.” However, there are some movies that are good adaptations. One of my faves is “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas” and not only because it’s so insane and I heart Johnny Depp. (But that is definitely part of it!) But Terry Gilliam did a pretty good job of translating Hunter S. Thompson’s words into visuals, and though some of the book is not included, that’s to be expected.

My LEAST fave book-to-movie is “I, Robot” with Will Smith. I never even saw that movie, but it’s “based” on one of my super fave books and I could tell from the ads that it had nothing to do with the book, which is actually a collection of themed short stories. It did look like another Isaac Asimov book, “The Robots of Dawn,” but that’s a whole ‘nuther rant. I’m sure the movie is good in itself, but the fact that it’s called “I, Robot” makes me angry. There are other ones that do that too.

And now I realize that I didn’t answer your question, but you know what? Too bad. I answered something else, that was apparently on my chest and needed answering.

ps - I have another meme coming up just on books. Stay tuned for that one.

Phew. Thanks to Ms. Little Pea for these tremendous questions, and if anyone wants me to ask them some even more equally intriguing questions, let me know.


MsLittlePea said...

Heehee! Glad you liked them. I know they were questions and statements but I write how I talk. Don't you love these kinds of memes because they always come in handy when you don't have an idea for a good post...

super des said...

Wow that was fast reading!

I was in the mood for a good Saturday Evening Post, so Pea to the rescue!

Count Mockula said...

Good job on the questions, Ms. Little Pea. Well, it feels sort of self-centered to go "Ohh, do me, do me!!", but since no one else has taken you up on it... Do me, do me!!

Sudiegirl said...

Pick me! Pick me!

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