Wednesday, August 15, 2007

you know, heat, you make it hard to do anything

I've tried going back to the gym. After 3 weeks of not-leaving-the-house-injury, and a few more weeks of still-wearing-an-ankle-brace-injury, and then 2 weeks of vacation, I just needed to get back into the habit. Of course, my habit is different now that I can't just stop by the gym on my way home from work. But I sit around the house all day doing nothing, so I really did try to use that time for something body-constructive.

Monday I set out on an expedition. I'd planned to leave fairly early in the morning (like 10ish) so that it wouldn't be too hot yet. Of course that didn't happen. I left home at like 3. I dressed in my gym clothes and piled a few things into my bag. I just needed to stop by the post office real quick and mail a package, then go to the drugstore directly below my gym, then enjoy a nice refreshing workout after my long absence. Why can't things go as I plan?

After wandering around for longer than I wanted to in the heat, I discovered that the "post office" I was looking for was really just a mail truck. And they did not accept mail dropoffs, so I could not give them my small package. Did I mention it was about 90 degrees with some ungodly humidity? So I wander back to where my gym is, go to the drugstore like I needed to, and head upstairs. I kinda wish I had brought a change of clothes, because I'm already a little sweaty from my fruitless PO adventure. But the locker room is air conditioned, so I stay in there for a bit to cool down.

I head out to the machines. I know that if I do any weights today it will only be a little bit since I'm so out of practice. I head to the cardios. I pick one that has a fan blowing on it and start a-trekking. Soon I realize several things: the fan doesn't do diddly squat. I forgot my towel at home. My decision to not bring my water bottle was a mistake. It's too hot to do anything.

After a sad 10 minutes, I have to stop because I feel like I'm about to die. I go back into the locker room to wash my face and cool down. Now I am really wishing I had brought a change of clothes. I have no choice but to head home and collapse.

This experience was a little daunting, so yesterday I did not even try to think about going to the gym. But today, I had yet another package to mail, besides the first one that still has a deadline. And C started his camping trip today so there was no logical reason for me to stay home. No logical reason except the sweltering heat outside, that is. I did leave the house a bit earlier, but still in the afternoon because I had crap to do in the morning.

I head out to the old reliable PO that is not a truck. It's further away from the gym, but I do need to mail my packages. That taken care of, I head back to the gym. Understand, the PO is a train ride and then a several-block walk away from anything. So I'm already a little overheated. Plus I'm carrying my gym bag, which has those things I forgot the other day; a change of clothes, a towel, and a water bottle. Plus all the regular crap that I carry everywhere.

As I'm waiting for the train, I'm debating going to the gym. I see my reflection and decide I need to go, otherwise I can't complain about being out of shape. (Can you believe C called me frumpy the other day? I whacked him in the face, but still.) Then as I'm still waiting for the train, I feel my sweat dripping down the back of my legs. I'm already dripping sweat, and I haven't even done anything yet except go outside. So I had a brief return to the world of sanity and reality and went home to watch tv and pretend to make jewelry. To be fair, I did do some situps on my bedroom floor, but I no longer have any delusions about leaving the house in the heat to go sweat and die.


Average Jane said...

I tried to shop for clothes over the weekend, but it was so hot in the stores that I was over the whole thing in record time. Until this heat breaks, I think I'll just stay inside.

super des said...

Me too. I really like my air conditioning.

Suzanne said...

Man, if you are frumpy, I hate to think what the rest of us look like. Anyway, it's hard to workout when it's hot. The AC at the gym just can't keep up. So I think anything you do counts double. Right?

super des said...

Woman, I like the way you think.

(And you see why C sustained a small injury for that comment right?)

mar said...

it doesn't help that my electric bill has gone up by 33% because i run the a/c or fan in my bedroom when my bf sleeps over.
besides not wanting to exercise. blech! i mean, i'll take any excuse for that.

super des said...

I definitely tend to crank up the AC when I come home from an excusion like that, instead of just leaving it constant. So you see, it does waste money.

Amy Jo said...

I haven't voluntarily left the house for weeks. It's been in the low 100s down here in Satan's nether regions, aka Atlanta for days on end. Good luck!

super des said...

des hate hot.

# #