Thursday, August 30, 2007

the keys to happiness

Yesterday morning I got a call from our new landlord. He seemed really nice, and he laughed easily, so that's a good sign. We also realized that there had been some miscommunication with the realtor's office, and we were supposed to have our keys already. Landlord called the realtor right away and called me right back saying they have them and I can go pick them up. Then the realtor called me and confirmed all that, psuedo-blaming the guy we had dealt with originally because he was on vacation and didn't tell anyone what was the dillio. But everyone was super nice and we got our keys and everything worked out.

So when C was done with his one class for the day (he's a hard worker, right?), we headed down to the new 'hood, camera and tape measure in hand. We spent some time deciding where everything would go, so when the movers come next week (!) I can play snotty housewife and order them around direct them. While we were wandering around with all the windows and doors wide open, probably being very loud, one of our new neighbors came up to meet us. There are only 3 apartments in the building (we are in #3) so the other two are each occupied by a guy* and his girlfriend-partner-person. (Those are Neighboro #1's words.)

But Neighboro #1 seemed really cool and he invited us over for a beer when we're settled or when we need a break. Even though I'm not a beer drinker, I'm sure I can get something else to drink because the beer we not the point of the social call. And, best part? He and his girlfriend-partner-person have 2 cats (I didn't meet them yet but one is named Pajamas!) and he offered to cat-sit for us if we ever go on vacation. Sweet! Mecru is not even in the apartment yet and he already has a sitter! Of course we offered the same. We haven't even moved in yet and we already have a friend / cat-sitter. That makes for a happy des.

Soon we decided to go eat food in our new 'hood. There is a Japanese place a block away so we ate there. They had yummy yummy sushi that made des go like this:
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They had things like sun-dried tomato and avocado rolls, and peanut and avocado rolls. For you texture freaks, the peanut-avocado was actually the best thing ever: just the right mix of squishy (not slimy!) and crunchy.

I was a little dismayed because I thought I had to interrupt our fun by going home for my sucko online class, but then we discovered an unsecured wireless connection in our new apartment. Of course we will pay for i-net when we move, but it was a great temporary fix. C played around with measurements and furniture layouts while I read blogs participated fully in my lame lame class. (ms - thanks you guys for writing a bunch yesterday so that I was entertained for the full hour!)

We've decided that we have to devise new names for the divisions in the apartment. There is a kitchen, dining room, office (that's Craig's), tv room, parlor (that's mine!), and bedroom. The bedroom is just that - a room with a bed in it. Nothing else. The parlor will have the small couch that we never got rid of, my bead stuff, sewing machine, and various other des-related items. There are 2 windows in there: one will have an A/C in it, but the other I can sit in and we can also look out to see who is ringing our doorbell. Actually all of the windows of the house have wide windowsills, so I can sit in all of them except the ones that will have A/Cs. But the parlor one is MINE! Plus I get to decorate the way I want.

That's my parlor. It will never be this clean again.

I'm so excited to start moving. Now if only the boxes would arrive so I could start packing...

*I say it that way because we've only met a guy - if we had met a girl first, I would say "occupied by a girl and her boyfriend-partner-person."

************** unapologetic rant about my online class ***********

-The class takes place in a chat room. So, there will be typos. Deal with it. You don't have to interrupt the flow of conversation to correct your mistakes. We know you meant "it" instead of "tit." Bringing it up after 7 lines of dialog have passed doesn't help anybody.

-If you have a prior engagement, say so. There's no need to say "well I take yoga, so I can't make it." Just say "I can't make it." You think that we care that you have yoga? No! You're no better than us.

-Read the syllabus and past discussions. Even though the teacher still answers your questions multiple times, she is clearly annoyed. You can tell because she tells you it's in the syllabus or that she just answered that question!

ok, that's it for this week in copyediting.


Sudiegirl said...

Your new place sounds GREAT...esp. the parlor. I wish I had a parlor...oh well, at least I have a papasan.

Do you get to paint the walls/wallpaper/or whatever?

super des said...

We probably could, but we're not going to. Too lazy. And stuff will be in front of the walls anyway. I am planning on putting in fun curtains though (I'm going to make them myself!).

Count Mockula said...

Ooh, either the picture didn't load earlier or you added it later, but I LOVE your parlor... How cool!

super des said...

I did add it a little later. Maybe you're just too fast.

Suzanne said...

The new place sounds awesome. And having a friendly neighbor rocks! I've never had friendly neighbors. Well, that's partially coz my first apartment was an illegal sublet in a stairwell and my current apartment is in the lobby. Still, I tend to think everyone who lives in this building is an asshole. I love the staff, though.

super des said...

I don't have "staff" or a "lobby." And with a total of 6 people in the building, I am very happy to have a friendly one.

SUEB0B said...

Loving the new place. Can I come over?

super des said...

I insist that you do, Suebob. You'll have your choice of futons to sleep on.

BOSSY said...

Bossy loves new beginnings. They make her get all tingly. It's change she has a problem with. (How can that be? Leave it to Bossy...)

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