Friday, August 31, 2007

des the beauty queen

Many of you have probably seen this video by now, Miss Teen SC's genius answer regarding... what?

This brought many feelings in me. Anger, sadness, homicide, etc. Why is this nitwit considered one of the most beautiful girls in the country? So I went to the official pageant website to make sure that she didn't win the contest (she didn't). Then I saw a thing that said "become a contestant." Interested to what their "standards" are, I clicked.

If you are a natural born female, single (never married, never had a child), a United States citizen, a resident of the state of New York, and meet the age requirements*, we invite you to APPLY TODAY!

Miss New York USA:
Must be at least 18 and under 27 years of age as of Feb. 1, 2008.

I meet all of these requirements! (And yes I realize that they are still very discriminatory.) So guess what? I submitted a picture. Lucky for me, there's no entry fee. So we'll see if "they" (Donald Trump?) think I'm pretty enough to be in their little pageant. Then I can show them that - what! - I have brains. And when I'm giving my little "personal statement" I can tell them what an outrage it all is. No, I'm not expecting to win. But it would give me an excuse to buy a new swimsuit.

So if any of you have any influence on the NY pageant entries, get me in there. We can shake things up, you and me. I promise to give all my prize money to a good feminist charity.


flutter said...

Oh my GOD des, I freakin love it.

super des said...

Thanks flutter. Glad I can count on you :)

Alex Elliot said...

I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!

Working Girl said...

Is South Africa a state now?

Brillig said...

Des for Miss America!!!! (I'd seen that vid before--HORRIFYING. Literally PAINFUL to watch!!)

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