Wednesday, August 08, 2007

bachelorette party

Thursday after the spa (see previous post), we had just enough time to half-eat some In 'n Out and throw on our party clothes for the Best Bachelorette Party Ever. (Keep in mind that I, as maid of honor, organized the whole shindig, so I'm biased.) I had a new dress that I had just bought on ebay that someone handmade and it was totally cute, even though it showed a bit more boob than I'm used to. Here's me doing what I was doing all night: adjusting my dress so my ta-tas weren't hanging out all over.

We felt a little bit silly waiting for the BART train all glammed up, (especially since there was an A's game on the way, and people were for some reason convinced we were going there) but we didn't really have a choice. We needed a way to get to San Francisco that didn't involve driving. After we got there, we started a-walking to dinner and realized that we were all freezing because of the ice wind that was coming in directly off the bay. So we did the city gal thing and took a cab for 6 blocks. Then we got to Lime and met up with the couple others who hadn't gone to the spa with us.

I've been to this place once before, but not for dinner. Last time I was there it was New Year's Eve and I remember spending lots and lots of money on tasty tasty (expensive) drinks. But tonight wasn't about drinks. This part was about tiny food. I packed away a few tiny grilled cheeses, (and 2 white cosmos, mmmmm) and we were off to sing karaoke.

We were jazzed up enough now that we didn't mind walking the few blocks down Market Street to The Mint. We sought out seats, some of the others bought drinks (I didn't, because like I said, the night was not about drinking), and immediately put our names in to sing. We found out that they are kind of strict at the Mint, and you are only allowed to have your name in once - even in a group setting. So I put it in for one of my old standards. At one point the "KJ" came to let us know it would be a while before any of us sang, but I told her that we were leaving at 11. Then, totally cool, she bumped us up so we could leave on time (we had to go meet the limo!). Everyone was really cool at the club, and even those singers that weren't that talented had lots of support from the audience. Even the guy who sang Lay Lady Lay in his worst Bob Dylan voice.

Soon, I was next. However, first a transvestite had to sing Unchained Melody. Normally that's a cringe-worthy karaoke song, but this guy rocked it.

Seriously the best singer all night. And yes, that's a big muscley guy in a little black mini-dress.
And what a joy for me to get up and follow this amazing act, with my little Madonna impression? But aside from not being able to hear the music at all (that's why we only sing songs that we know too well, people!), Like a Prayer went off without a hitch. My friends tell me at one point, someone yelled "show us your nipples!" but that wouldn't have happened anyway because I was wearing funny little flower ... coverings. After I sang, most of the rest of our group sang, and then true to our word, we left right after.

There was our limo waiting for us. While the others giggled and smoked, I worked out a few last details with the driver, and we were on our way to the Cat Club. Is it a coincidence that we there on Thursday night, and every Thursday happens to be 80's night? I think not! (I'm a damn good party planner.) That was loads and loads of fun, dancing to all the coolest 80's songs, all of us singing along to every word. Here's a picture I took of myself dancing:

There's also some random person there who doesn't seem to be dancing at all.

After dancing ourselves silly for a few hours, it was once again time to ride in the limo. We piled in, drank some champagne, and made our way home. The limo driver's name was George, and he was very nice. There was some question the next day about whether his tip had been included in the bill, but it had, so all was right because he definitely deserved it.

There were a coupla minor hangovers the next day (not me of course!) but this is why we don't do the party the night before the wedding. Besides the fact that the rehearsal dinner was already that night. But that's another story altogether, and it's not actually that interesting.

Next up: the actual wedding!


Count Mockula said...

Everything sounds super-fun, but especially 80s night and tiny grilled cheese.

And, um, flower things?

super des said...

ha ha ha.
I had funny band-aid-like flowers covering myself in case the dress decided to reveal a little more of me than I wanted. They also helped when it was... cold.

MsLittlePea said...

Looks like fun. I just love a good transvestite singer. I love Like a Prayer.

super des said...

I think this was my first transvestite singer in real life. I clearly do not live in San Francisco, where it is a normal occurrence.

# #