Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Jesus, people! I go to work for one day and I have 30,000 blogs to read upon my return home. I used to read them throughout the day at work, but now that I'm training my replacement (and she's great, so she doesn't even need training) I don't have my own computer. SO all blog- reading and writing must wait til I'm home. Then I make the mistake of reading first and I'm too pooped to write.

I don't even remember what I was going to write about.

I didn't get the job I interviewed for the other day. Cry. So I'm back to my normal self, moping about how I don't want another office job because they suck and I can't afford to have a retail job and pretty soon C will be back in school (read: not making 4x what I do) and we will once again be poor.

I just want a job that does not lead up to me being in any of these places:
a) a poorhouse
b) a crazy house
c) jail

If you know how I can make a living and still be happy, please tell me. I'm not like everyone else who says they hate their job but still does it. I actually can not work like this anymore.
So. Help.


MsLittlePea said...

Oh no Des! Well if your willing to move to Fl, the company my husband works for is always hiring. Other than that- I don't have any 'contacts' in NYC.

Jbeeky said...

That sucks. My girlfriend used to go to eateries and rate them as her job! That is my type of work!

Anonymous said...

wish I could give you advice. I am trying to find my place in the world of education. I would love if someone would just walk up, smack me to get my attention, and then tell me what kind of teacher I need to be.

I just hope they don't smack me too hard.

super des said...

pea, tell your husband's company to move here to accommodate me.

jbeeky, that combines 2 of my favorite things: eating and writing. I wish I had that job!

laura, if you find someone to do that, send them my way too.

mar said...

if i knew myself, i'd definitely share the info with you. being a scheduling clerk isn't exactly what i dreamed of as a little kid.

flutter said...

sorry about the job, desilu. Wanna come to AZ and be my housebitch? ;D

Brillig said...

Ick. I'm so sorry. But surely the perfect PERFECT thing is just waiting for you? Surely...

super des said...

flutter, I know it is less humid there than here.

bril, I'm sure you're right but knowing what it is and finding it are the hard parts.

Arlene said...

It could be worse, some of us can't get an interview let alone a job we hate!

super des said...

Well now I'm leaving a job I hate for... nothing.

# #