Thursday, June 07, 2007

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Last night I got home late. I started out with my normal trek to the gym after work. Apparently I have to "train" for a bike ride through wine country on the trip next week. So since I ride the bike anyway when I'm there, I made sure to put a little special effort into it. (ms - I wrote an interesting post about that experience over at The People Under the Stairmasters.) All this does is make me just a bit more tired than normal.

So as I leave, I get a call from Craig. Some lawyer thing he was supposed do take care of didn't work out, so he's going to the Apple store to become a pod person. I join him. Did you know that they have these really cool portable cash registers that they can carry around with them so you don't have to wait in line? It was neat. Anyway, my tummy was a-growlin' from all the calories burned at the gym and the space of several hours between my last meal and now. I suggest food. Craig agrees. We set off.

The place I suggest is in Chinatown, and a bit of a trek from any trains. But we hoof it on over because when you want vegetarian food in Chinatown that is tasty and good, you go to Buddha Bodai. And there was much rejoicing. So we ate our tasty meal and hoofed it back to the train, which was no longer running express. (I tell you all this not because they are important details, but to give you a bit of background so you know why I was tired.)

By the time we get home, it's 9:30. In my brain I know that I should get to making my lunch for tomorrow, but lying on the bed seems so much more practical. Plus I get to watch Craig set up his new ipod and not select all the songs that I have on mine. ("What do you think I am? Some kind of rockabilly listener?" he said) I knew we wouldn't have most of the same songs, but I felt somehow like all my hard work was being wasted, for some reason.

I began to fret and complain about lunch. We had discovered earlier that Craig had left $30 in his desk drawer at work. That is a dangerous drawer, as he has left his keys there several times - overnight and all weekend. I only had a dollar. So we concocted a genius plan that involved me leaving the house earlier (meaning I couldn't use the i-net in the morning) and going to an ATM, buying a yogurt to break my 20, and then buying my favorite bagel for lunch.

The plan worked as ...planned. Not only did I get some cash, but I bought a yummy fruit-yogurt-granola-parfait thing which was only a little bit more expensive than my normal blueberry muffin, and - I found a dollar on the ground. It was just lying there in the middle of the store. I picked it up, held it out in my hand, and said "there's a dollar on the floor" but there was nobody around to hear me. So I put it into my pocket and continued on my merry way.

Now all that remains is for me to buy the bagel at lunchtime. The bagel is tasty, but when I order by myself it ends up costing about $5 because they always change the price randomly (the menu is only a suggested price) and I have to cover the tip for the delivery guy that had to walk 2 whole blocks on a gorgeous day. BUT since I have that magic extra dollar, I think I can handle it today.


Suzanne said...

I love finding money!

super des said...

It was pretty exciting.

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