Thursday, May 31, 2007

more Rarg work stuff

Why is it that in the corporate world, people like CEOs, Presidents, and Upper Management guys have no concept of how things work in the real world?

Today I have instructions from Company President to do stupid boring Excel and Word stuff. I know how to use both of these programs, but they are not in my job description and I don't know everything about them. Of course the thing I have to do today has nothing to do with my current job duties, but I don't mind doing it because it's relatively time consuming. I also get a little satisfaction when New Boss asks me to do something (her job) and I say "I can't - President needs this done first priority."

Which brings me to my point. I have to have this done so it can go out in today's mail. The mail comes at like noon. I was given instructions at 9am. And like I said, this is a time consuming thing. Yet they all seem to think that I have computer magic that will do everything they want, instantly. While I was working on it, President came to check progress. He saw that I was separating certain columns into groups.

Why are you doing that?
It has to be formatted like this, or the merge won't work.
No, it can be the way it was.
No according to Microsoft! If you want me to do this, I need to be able to do it correctly or there's no point in wasting my time.

I can speak that way to President because even though he lives on his on boss-cloud, he also realizes that I'm right, and there's a reason he asked me to do something he didn't know how to do.

As for New Boss, she and I are no longer on speaking terms. I can't take her idiocy any more. Yesterday we had this conversation:

I need you to look up a vendor called "Yellow Assistance."
Yellow Assistance? I've never heard of that. (I look it up) No, we don't have any vendors by that name, or with either of those words in their name.
They may also go by "Payment Processing Center."
No they don't. That is just the address on the envelope they give you. Lots of companies have that.
Well they say we have an open invoice with them.
Did you talk to somebody? Because I'm sure you can get even an invoice number or some sort of clarification.

At this point I walked away because I was already in the middle of doing something else that was more important than looking up a made up name. Did I mention that when I told her I would be missing 2 days of work (my bday and the day after) she said "I don't think it's a good time." Really, because the busiest time of the month is the end. As the 14th & 15th are in the middle of a slow month, there is actually no reason why I shouldn't be able to go. The time is unpaid, so it's actually costing me money to go. I am willing to take that risk and it is no skin off their backs. She just doesn't want me to go because she doesn't want to do her job.

Well tough titties. July 25 can not come soon enough.


viciousrumours said...

You have my sympathies. My continued sympathies. I too think the end of July can not come fast enough.

super des said...

Normally I am not this unhappy...

mar said...

this has been a week here too. the director of the clinic (who sees patients on thursdays) apparently called all his patients on monday (we were closed) to tell them he needed to reschedule. yes, he had a funeral, but he didn't bother to tell scheduling about it, so halfway through tuesday i get a call from one of those patients saying she needs to schedule. since he hasn't bothered to inform us, we also have no idea when he intends to have a make-up day. yarg!
then yesterday, one of my coworkers heard from a nurse that a doctor said our 'heads are just ornamental' referring to the 4 schedulers. because there was some snafu of a procedure room being overbooked (by the docs nurse coordinators order, not scheduling). gee, thanks. that's why i have a bachelor's degree and spent two years in grad school. to be 'ornamental'

super des said...

Don't you love being appreciated.

Brillig said...

Yikes! But since I'm reading this later in the day, I want to know if you actually got it done by the time they wanted it done. Hmmm? Are you indeed Super (astronaut) Des?

And yes, you poor thing. I can't wait for you to get out of there. You are WAY too interesting of a person to be stuck with these people for much longer!

super des said...

Thanks Brillig.
I did get it done, because I AM super astronaut des.

MsLittlePea said...

How has your job seardh gone? Have you begun looking for something else when July comes? Just wonderin

super des said...

I've got a few "prospects."
We'll see how calm I am when that time rolls around...

jessabean said...

I hate stupid bosses. And stupid jobs. You have way more important astronaut-like things to do!

When you get your new job you can do a happy dance and throw darts at a picture of New Boss's face. Hahaha!

super des said...

ha ha! I look forward to that!

mdog said...

i discovered long ago that most people in management are the worst people that should be there.

if you come up with a way to become independently wealthy, please let me in on it.

super des said...

I really do need to work for myself.

# #